11th & Grant With Eric Funk

11th & Grant with Eric Funk is the premiere outlet for music performance in Montana, seeking out the state's most acclaimed, accomplished, and pioneering talent. The Emmy winning performance series also devotes significant time to each artist's personal story, insights into their music and their approach to life, ultimately providing a deeper experience than a seat at a concert. Accomplished composer and musician Eric Funk serves as host and artistic director, hand selecting each performer from communities around the state to form a diverse series featuring genres from jazz to classical, country to zydeco, and rock to fusion.

The Clintons (No. 604)

First Aired Thursday, January 20, 2011

If you have Montana roots, you've no doubt heard of this energetic, driven rock band-inspired by the soft, sensitive songwriting style of John Mayer, the quirkiness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the in-your-face, loud-and-proud attitude exemplified by country stars Big & Rich. Their sound is diverse, but focused in a way that you can only call The Clintons. 

The Alex Nauman Trio is a hard-driving organ trio in the tradition of 60's soul/jazz pioneers, 70's funk/fusion groups, and modern groove bands such as SouLive and MMW. Equally skilled in standard jazz music, this trio performs in a broad array of venues, from jazz dinner clubs to hard-rock arenas. An inspired original, Alex Nauman lifts off with his electric guitar in the spirit, but not imitative, of famed electric guitarists John Scofield and Pat Matheny, toward a unique and fiery 'acid jazz', magically spun with the help of his brilliant & talented colleagues, Eric Olsen [Hammond C-3] and Brad Edwards [drums].

The Clintons

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