Program Proposal 

KUSM-TV Bozeman and KUFM-TV Missoula 

Overview of requested information

The fields used on this form are described below:

Offer Type: When programs are created and offered to stations for broadcast, they are often referred to as Program Offers. Is your idea for a program best suited to a single, stand-alone program or is it better produced as a series with multiple episodes? 

Series/Program Title: Enter either a series or program title depending on which offer type you have chosen above. Select a title that is very concise and yet descriptive of what the program or series is about. 

Episode/Sub Title: If you have selected a series above, enter a sample episode title that that best describes the specific episode. If you have selected a stand-alone offer type, you may enter a subtitle that supports the Program Title. For example: (Program Title)The Last Stronghold: (subtitle)The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. 

Program Length: PBS broadcast lengths are designated in hours:minutes:seconds. A program that is one hour 56 minutes and no seconds in length would appear as: 01:56:46. Standard length for a 1/2hour program is 26:46. That is 26 minutes and 46 seconds. Standard length for a 1 hour program is 56:46, a 90 minute program is 01:26:46, a 2 hour program is 01:56:46, a 2 ½ hour program is 02:26:46 and so on. While MontanaPBS attempts to keep to these standard lengths, not all programs must always comply, particularly if the program is not distributed through PBS, or other national organizations. 

Suggested TV Ratings & Subcategory Ratings: Select the Rating that best fits your program. You can obtain more detailed information on ratings at: 

Date Produced: Enter the date production was completed on the project or the date on which you expect to finish. 

Broadcast Rights: Enter the broadcast rights you are offering to MontanaPBS for your program. Historically Standard PBS broadcast rights have been 4 releases in 3 years. It is now more common to offer 6 releases in 4 years. You may wish to offer the greatest scheduling flexibility with Unlimited Telecasts in 3, 5 or 10 years or perhaps even grant Unlimited Telecasts in Perpetuity. It is generally to the producer’s advantage to grant MontanaPBS the most flexible broadcast rights possible to increase the potential for repeat airings of your program over a number of years. As producer, it is your responsibility to determine the ‘shelf-life’ of your program for future broadcasts on MontanaPBS. Some historical documentaries will have a very long ‘shelf-life’ while other current affairs programs may lend themselves to a more limited broadcast window.

Educational Rights: Most programs broadcast on MontanaPBS offer educators the opportunity to record the program off-air, and present the program as an ancillary resource in the classroom. MontanaPBS recommends that producers offer these educational rights to educators. In many cases, educational rights are offered as 1 year re-record rights. That is to say, an educator may record the program and use for 1 year before they are required to erase the tape. If the program is rebroadcast on MontanaPBS, the 1 year window restarts, and the educator may re-record the program. In many cases producers offer unlimited or even ‘life-of-tape’ educational rights. 

Funding/Underwriting Credits: Please list all sources cash or in-kind Production Funding/Underwriting you received to produce this program. It is also useful to list restrictions, if any, that one or more of these Production Funders has placed upon you in regard to Broadcast Underwriting(see next question). Sometimes competing businesses or companies are restricted from purchasing Broadcast Underwriting adjacent to the program. If this program is independently funded by the producer, please state that person or production company name here. 

Local Underwriting Available?: Are you permitting MontanaPBS to sell Broadcast Underwriting adjacent to this program? Preferred answer is Yes…but you may list any restrictions in the previous section. 

Scheduling Suggestion: You are welcome to offer MontanaPBS any suggestions you may have for a broadcast date and/or time of day. 

Distributor: Please list the name, address and any important contact information for the distributor of the program. In many cases this may be the producer’s contact information, but if it is a third party, please provide this information here. 

Program Description: Please provide a 3-5 sentence description that concisely describes what this program is about. This description may appear in television listings like the MontanaPBS Program Guide, and TV Guide. 

Broadcast History: If this is a completed program, has it been broadcast by any other station or network anywhere in the U.S. or in a foreign country. If so, please list these broadcasts with approximate dates. 

Other Information 

Viewer Contact: If viewers have a question regarding the content of the program, who can they contact? 

Talent/Participant List: You may list primary Talent, Participants, Guests here 

Educational Materials: Are there companion printed or electronic educational materials for your program? 

On-Air Promo Available: Will you provide an on-air promo for this program? 

Home Video Offer?: Are you making VHS or DVD copies of this program available to viewers? 

Promotional Photos Available: Will you make promotional photos available to MontanaPBS for our Program Guide and the website? 

How to obtain Home VHS/DVD: If you are making VHS tapes or DVDs available to viewers, please provide an address for viewers to write to, a phone number to call, and a website to visit(if applicable). Also, please list the price of the products plus any additional costs for shipping and handling. 

Tag Language: If you are including a Product Offer in the credits of your program, offering VHS/DVD or other related program products, please provide the exact onscreen and voice-over script. This assists MontanaPBS in assessing the suitability of your merchandising segment in the program. If this Tag Language does not meet generally accepted PBS guidelines for Product Offers, your program may not be eligible for broadcast on MontanaPBS. 

Web Site: If your program has a supporting website, please list that URL here.