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2005 Archived Episodes
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To Kill a Wolf

The grey wolf presents many problems for ranchers in the Paradise Valley area. Two Paradise Valley Ranchers discuss the difficulties they face with the presence of wolves. This is juxtaposed with the approach of pro wolf agencies. Produced by Tyler Duke and Anne Devereux, for TERRA. Distributed by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

Bison of Yellowstone: Managing an American Icon

Once near extinction, the American bison now flourishes. Swift intervention by the American Bison Society and a handful of entrepreneurs tipped the odds back in the bison's favor, and today the species is back in full force. The bison is a conservation success story, a strong symbol of the American West, and a management dilemma. Bison of Yellowstone: Managing an American Icon examines the Yellowstone bison herd over the course of the last century. Produced by Alison Backus for TERRA, distributed by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU- Bozeman.

Fighting for Life: Emelia's Story

Emelia, a young girl with cystic fibrosis, endures many treatments to control her symptoms. This story also takes us to the MSU Center for Biofilm Engineering, where scientists work to understand bacteria in a new way, as multi-cellular organisms, in order to better treat some of the complications of Emelia's disease. Produced by Sara Shier for TERRA. Distributed by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

The Search for Life on Mars

Is there life on Mars? What might it look like? This program joins NASA scientists on a quest to answer these questions. They are learning that on Earth microscopic life is hiding underground in even the most extreme environments. Could these subterranean microbes be what we are looking for? Or might the face of alien life be so different from earthly life that we have to redefine life to detect it? Produced by Mark Andrews for TERRA. Distributed by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

Survivors in Paradise

In 1826, the first mosquitoes arrived in Hawai'i aboard a whaling ship. In this episode of terra we learn how they spread avian malaria to native birds, accelerating extinction in this already imperiled ecosystem, and we join scientists as they investigate how one species is bucking the extinction trend through evolution. History, island biogeography and genetics converge as the 'Amakihi, a native honeycreeper, mysteriously re-populates the lowlands of Hawai'i, providing hope for the future of other native birds in Hawai'i. Produced by Susanne Clara Bard for terra, presented by KUSM/ MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

What Makes Peter Run?

This is a psychological documentary of an extraordinarily busy man. Through short interwoven clips of Peter's life, the layers of his personality unfold. We eventually find that his extreme 'busy-ness' and excessive caffeine use are ways he avoids paying attention to his feelings. Produced by Shelley Uram for terra, presented by KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU Bozeman.

America's Underwater Heritage: Fire and Ice

Terra joins a team of archaeologists from the National Park Services Submerged Resources center as they search for shipwrecks and the early history of Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Few people associate National Parks like Yellowstone and Glacier with steamships and marine-archeology, but in the early 1900s steamboats were the only effective means of transporting the increasing number of visitors who came to see the natural wonders of these parks.

Terra Bytes - Populations

Using local actors from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, the first film in this terra bytes episode is an outreach effort between filmmaker Ian Kellet and local people to re-establish traditional no-hunting zones to increase habitat for Tree Kangaroos. Secondly, Scott Creel, ecologist at Montana State University, may have found an unlikely explanation for the decrease in elk numbers in Yellowstone National Park since the return of wolves. Finally, Dr. Billie Kerans researches the puzzling effects of whirling disease on trout populations in the western U.S.

America's Underwater Heritage: Ferry of Hope

Terra joins a team of archaeologists from the National Park Services Submerged Resources Center as they survey the wreck of the Ellis Island ferryboat. This small and forgotten vessel carried more immigrants to the United States than any other boat in our nation's history.

Caballo Loco on Easter Island

A young veterinarian goes to Easter Island and discovers a mysterious disease that is killing the horses and cattle. He determines the cause of the disease and dedicates his life to eradicating the Cho Cho syndrome.