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Montana Land Reliance | Episode 5512

Protecting Montana's land and keeping it wild is an important topic right now.  Currently, Montana is 29% public land and 28% federal land.  Did you know that there's a nonprofit land trust that's trying to ensure that Montana's ag land is protected?  The Montana Land Reliance (MLR) has helped preserve over one million acres since its inception in 1978.  MLR focuses on responsibly managed private land and increasingly valuable Montana opens spaces for future generations.Montana's own Kendall Van Dyk, Director of the Montana Land Reliance, joins the panel this week to discuss what the nonprofit does to help protect agricultural land, fish and wildlife habitats, and open space.Kendall will help acquaint viewers with methods used by Montana Land Reliance, and how doing this can help benefit the landowner, the producers, outdoor enthusiasts, and all of Montana's future generations.  Tune in to learn all you can about this nonprofit and have your questions answered.

Montana Ag Live

5512: Montana Land Reliance

Rating: TV-G

Montana's own Kendall Van Dyk, Director of the Montana Land Reliance.