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2012 Archived Episodes

Spring Vaccinations (No. 3701)

Dr. Robert Keene, the Technical Development Veterinarian with Boehringer-Ingleheim Corporation, joins the panel to talk about spring vaccinations and new developments in the vaccine industry.

Rural Poverty (No. 3702)

George Haynes, MSU agricultural economist, will examine Montana's rural poverty issues.

Know Your Manure: Hidden Pesticide Problems (No. 3703)

Cecil Thorp, Montana State University's pesticide education specialist, will look at herbicide contamination issues in manure, a potential hidden problem.

Ag Leases for Energy Exploration (No. 3704)

MSU agricultural economist Tim Fitzgerald will discuss the timely issue of leasing farms or ranches for energy exploration.

Stream Habitat Restoration (No. 3705)

MSU's Land Resources and Environmental Science professor Geoff Poole will examine stream habitat restoration from the fish's eye view and how it affects agriculture.

Certified Seed Potatoes (No. 3706)

Executive Director of the Seed Potato Certification Program Nina Zidack will join the panel to discuss why using certified seed potatoes is important for the health of your garden or fields.

Invasive Pests (No. 3707)

Gary Adams of USDA-APHIS will answer questions about invasive pests.

Pine Beetles Revisited (No. 3708)

What's going on with the pine beetle this season and what's being done to maintain healthy forests in Montana? Our expert this week is Amy Gannon, Montana State Forest Pest Management Specialist.

Nitrate Contamination In Water Supplies (No. 3709)

Stephanie Ewing, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, will join the panel to answer your questions about possible contamination from nitrates.

Future of Farm Subsidies (No. 3710)

Vince Smith, MSU Agricultural Economist covers the potential extinction of farm subsidies.

Biological Amendments and Micronutrient Fertilizer (No. 3801)

Clain Jones, MSU Extension Fertility Specialist, covers micronutrient fertilizers.

Extension's Role In Rural Health (No. 3802)

Lynn Paul, Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist, will address how rural health issues are an economic asset for our rural residents.

Drought Tolerant Wheat (No. 3803)

Luther Talbert, MSU-Bozeman spring wheat researcher, will join the panel this week to talk about drought-tolerant wheat and its potential in Montana.

Recovering from the 2012 Drought (No. 3805)

Jeff Mosley discusses assistance available to help recover from the 2012 drought.

Montana Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance (No. 3804)

Ag Economist Marsha Goetting covers the MT Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance program.

Moving Ahead at MSU Animal & Range Sciences (No. 3806)

Glenn Duff, Department Head of MSU Animal and Range Sciences, discusses his department.