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Financial Disclosure

Tax-Exempt Information

The Friends of MontanaPBS is recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(03) on the Internal Revenue Code. The EIN for the Friends of MontanaPBS is 81-0426350. A copy of its most recent determination letter can be found here.

The original filing for tax-exempt status for the organization was made in March, 1995. The organization’s original IRS Form 1023 is not available, as it was filed prior to July 15, 1997.

Tax Filing Information

The Friends of MontanaPBS, per IRS requirements, makes current and past IRS-990 forms available for the public here:


Each year, MontanaPBS conducts an independent audit of its financials, in compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) requirements. For the purposes of this audit, financial information is gathered from both partner stations, as well as the Friends of MontanaPBS, in order to present a unified financial picture for the service. As the universities are governmental agencies, these audits are conducted under GASB auditing guidelines.

Audited Financials

Each year, the Friends of MontanaPBS undergoes an independent financial audit. The most recent audit is available here: