2017 KUFM Annual EEO Public File Report

Period Covered by this Report: December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2017
Stations comprising EEO Employment Unit: KUFM-FM (Montana Public Radio or MTPR) and KUFMTV (MontanaPBS), Missoula MT, licensed to the University of Montana.
Full-time vacancies filled during period: Zero
Part-time vacancies filled during period: Zero
Total number of persons interviewed for all full-time vacancies filled during period: Zero

Outreach activities during period: The market for the station employment unit has a population of fewer than 250,000 such that the stations are required to complete two outreach activities every two years.
•Events or Programs with Educational Institutions Relating to Broadcasting Careers Participation in Annual Career Fairs, Workshops, Tours and Public Discussions

The University of Montana hosted Welcome Feast and a Fall Student Employment & Volunteer Fair in September 2017. MTPR staffed a booth at both events. Station staff passed out literature, discussed public radio, and answered questions about volunteer job opportunities and procedures at MTPR. Hundreds of student stopped by the booth at the Welcome Feast while an estimated 200 attendees stopped by during the student employment/volunteer fair.

MTPR hosted nearly two-dozen listeners for an open house and listening part to kick off the new season of A Prairie Home Companion in October 2017. Visitors were given tours and the chance to visit with many MTPR on-air hosts and staff.

MTPR and MontanaPBS participated in the University of Montana School of Journalism Job and Internship Fair held in April 2017. The staff interviewed prospective interns during the day-long event. Two new interns were hired for the MTPR development department. Three new interns were added to the MontanaPBS staff for the summer.

•Communications Courses Taught at UM by Broadcast Media Center Staff

John Twiggs, KUFM-TV Television Producer, was an adjunct professor in the Univ. of Montana School of Journalism. In a class on television news documentary program production, Twiggs taught research, fact checking and confirmation, writing, interviewing, filming, and editing and mentored the students in the ethics and methods of television journalism and documentary film making. The finished student-produced program, Montana Rx; Unintended Consequences examined the state’s struggle with tackling the prescription drug abuse epidemic and aired on MontanaPBS in May 2017.

•Internship Program / Work Study / Student Scholarships

During the reporting period, the MTPR Radio News Department employed four part-time student employees who each worked 10 hours per week in the news department, including anchoring the evening news cast and doing story research and pre-interviewing. The student journalists gain experience in news reporting, news writing style and research under the guidance of MTPR News Director Eric Whitney. Eight part-time, non-work-study students were employed by the BMC in the areas of radio fund development and television production.

University of Montana School of Journalism students volunteered in various positions to help with special election night coverage in late May 2016 for MontanaPBS and Montana Public Radio. Students also assist during live pledge night presentations on MontanaPBS in March 2017. Student interns assisted with MTPR pledge drives in April and October 2017.

Three student interns from the University of Montana School of Journalism assisted with production of special Montana profiles of Vietnam veterans. The students, working with producer Anna Rau Devolder, produced a series of television portraits for MontanaPBS that aired in in September 2017 in concert with the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick series The Vietnam War.

A student, Maria Anderson, was hired part-time to help research and coordinate artwork and still images for an upcoming MTPBS documentary on noted western artist Charles M. Russell. Her work was rewarded with an associate producer credit.

A student, Sophie Trouw, was hired part-time to help with research, editing and photography for a “Salute to Veterans” special for the award-winning MontanaPBS program Backroads of Montana.

The Broadcast Media Center presented two $200 cash awards to outstanding students who assisted in BMC productions during the school year. The awards were presented to news department interns Freddy Monares and Cole Grant during the annual University of Montana Journalism School scholarship banquet in April 2017.

•Scholarship Program

The Montana Broadcasters Association, of which KUFM-TV and MTPR are members, sponsored scholarships for students attending the University of Montana. The awards were presented at the annual University of Montana Journalism School scholarship banquet in April 2017.

•Training Programs for Station Personnel/Staff Training Courses for Upward Mobility

The University of Montana provides staff training courses throughout the year, including administrative management preparation, computer software and accounting courses. Broadcast Media Center staff members are encouraged to take advantage of these careerbuilding opportunities.

MTPR program director Michael Marsolek holds several training sessions called “Radio Studio 101” as a refresher and training for new and current volunteer radio board operators each spring and fall. Six to 10 people participated in the training session this year.

Josh Burnham, Digital Strategy Specialist, participated in numerous online training sessions from NPR and Media Shift.

•Website Announcements

The Montana Public Radio (MTPR) and MontanaPBS websites carried announcements offering to send job vacancy notices to any entity requesting information about hiring opportunities at The University of Montana (UM) Broadcast Media Center. An email list is maintained for any job notices.