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Welcome to the new, 3D print logo for Montana PBS. As you will notice, there are several versions of this logo.


  • Use the logo entitled "MontanaPBS Logo Print_ForDarkBK" ONLY over black or very dark backgrounds.
  • Use the logo entitled "MontanaPBS Logo Print_ForLightBK" over white, or any lighter background.
  • Please reference the file entitled "MtPBSPrintLogoUsage" in the Usage Samples folder for examples.
  • Choose the appropriate file type for your project:
    • Vectors are the highest quality, and should be used whenever possible. You will need professional graphic design software to work with these vector files (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
    • PSDs (Photoshop Document) are the next highest quality, use these if you are unable to work with vectors. You will need Adobe Photoshop to work with these files.
    • Transparent PNGs will be the most useful for the common project. Like JPG images, this is a small file size compatible with most applications, such as Microsoft Office, Paint, etc., and the web. The PNG file format retains the transparency behind the logo, so you don't end up with a box around the artwork.

**This logo should remain black and white at all times.**

Please reference the MontanaPBS Style Guide or ask Bruce or Scott for more information about acceptable colors and layouts, but the logo itself must remain black and white.

**Please maintain the aspect ratio of the logo. The logo should never appear squished or squeezed, the top circle should always appear round.

  MontanaPBS Logo


Desktop Wallpaper

(click on your corresponding desktop resolution to download a high-resolution copy).

BeartoothMountains_BeMore.jpgBeartooth MountainsScott Sterling

Download: [1920 x 1080] | [1280 x 1024] 
Description: Beartooth Mountains
Credit: Scott Sterling

CrazyMountains_BeMore.jpgCrazy MountainsScott Sterling

Download: [1920 x 1080] | [1280 x 1024] 
Description: Crazy Mountains
Credit: Scott Sterling

JudithGapWindfarm_BeMore.jpgJudith Gap WindfarmScott Sterling

Download: [1920 x 1080] | [1280 x 1024] 
Description: Judith Gap Windfarm
Credit: Scott Sterling

PrarieSunset_BeMore.jpgPrairie SunsetScott Sterling

Download: [1920 x 1080] | [1280 x 1024] 
Description: Prairie Sunset
Credit: Scott Sterling