Monthly Highlights - April 2017

Backroads of Montana: Coming Home (No. 122) 
In this episode, we accompany the Shakespeare in the Parks troupe to Birney, the smallest community to host their tour, visit Kremlin-Gilford for its last homecoming parade, plant a special tree with a group of Girl Scouts in Great Falls, and walk an interpretive trail near Hamilton that tells the story of Lewis & Clark from another perspective. Airs Saturday, 4/1 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Climate Change in the Ag World (No. 4701) 
Kelsey Jencso of the Montana Climate Office and Greg Pederson of the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center will join the panel, along with Luther Talbert and Toby Day, to talk about how climate change is perceived in Montana agriculture. Airs Sunday, 4/2 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Do You Love Those Little Pasture Rodents? (No. 4702) 
Steve Vantassel, Vertebrate Pest Specialist with the Montana Department of Ag, will answer questions about moles, voles, mice and other vermin! If you don't love these pests, tune in to see what you can do to minimize their damage. Airs Sunday, 4/2 at 6pm, Sunday, 4/9 at 11am

Violin Alone
The unlikely pairing of two modern visionaries, Vilmos Olah, a Hungarian violin virtuoso, and Eric Funk, contemporary classical composer from the heart of Montana, has resulted in a new piece of music that pushes the boundaries of music and our notion of the possible. Vili: Concerto for Violin Alone is an extreme concerto in which its player must simultaneously play the solo AND orchestra parts. He must emulate flutes, oboes, clarinet, timpani, and brass. A reflection of the violinist, the composer, and the unquenchable human spirit of Eastern Europe, The Violin Alone re-imagines what music can be. 
Airs Sunday, 4/2 at 10am, Sunday, 4/2 at 2am

Aging Out: Autism in Montana
Each year, more children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but the framework of care drastically changes for them after adolescence. The tidal wave of children transitioning into adulthood leaves many families on a search for help and structure. Follow Montana families as they recognize their fears and explore their options for the future. 
Airs Thursday, 4/6 at 7pm, Sunday, 4/9 at 10am, Monday, 4/17 at 2am

Backroads of Montana: Collecting Memories (No. 123) 
We are introduced to an icon of 1950s' television as we profile the high flying exploits of Montana-native Kirby Grant, better known as "Sky King." Next we ride along for a trip to the Schafer Air Field in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the last private airfield in a wilderness area lovingly tended to each summer by the Montana Pilots Association. Then we meet a woman in Fairfield with an unusually large hankie collection, and a young woman from Missoula whose entrepreneurial dream is an inspiration to those around her. Montana native and host William Marcus also takes viewers on a history tour of the Fort Peck Dam near Glasgow. Airs Saturday, 4/8 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Pulse Crops - Our New Economic Boon? (No. 4703) 
Kevin McPhee, Montana State University's new pulse crop breeder, will look at variety development for peas and lentils, the new "big kids" in northern great plains agriculture. With recent news of barley contracts declining, will pulse crops take up the slack? Airs Sunday, 4/9 at 6pm, Sunday, 4/16 at 11am

Rundown with Beth Saboe: In the Legislature - April 14th, 2017 (No. 211) 
Every other year, Montana state lawmakers convene for 90 days in Helena to discuss changes to our laws on taxes, healthcare, the environment, business and much more. This week we'll look at the important issues being debated in the Legislature and explain how they could impact Montanans from Superior to Sidney. With insightful reporting and one-on-one interviews, this program helps viewers understand the legislative process and how they're being represented by elected officials. 
Airs Friday, 4/14 at 6:59pm

Backroads of Montana: Fromberg to Ulm (No. 124) 
Along the Missouri River south of Great Falls, we meet a woman who gathers fiber from her family farm animals to make an intriguing variety of products. We stop by a Tea Shop in Anaconda for some cookies and Earl Grey. A naturalist guides us to see some of Montana's diverse butterfly population. We visit all that remains of the town of Gebo: the cemetery, which is being researched and preserved by a woman from Fromberg. And we cool our heels at the Cowboy Bar & Museum in Fromberg, the ideal place for a cold beer and a warm recollection. Airs Saturday, 4/15 at 5pm

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: John Floridis (No. 803) 
John Floridis brings his adventurous instrumental pieces and compelling vocal tunes to 11th & Grant, showcasing his own style forged from jazz-rock fusion, rhythm and blues/Motown, original pop-rock and others. Airs Thursday, 4/20 at 7pm, Saturday, 4/22 at 9:45pm, Monday, 4/24 at 2am

Backroads of Montana: Two Dot to Fishtail (No. 125) 
In this episode we stop at one of Montana's legendary night-clubs, the Sip & Dip in Great Falls, complete with the piano stylings of Pat Sponheim. We also visit a knife maker in Missoula; Montana's oldest general store in Fishtail; and the Wheatland Senior Citizen's Center in Harlowton - which has been a source of strength for its director Irene Schuchcard. The program originates from Two Dot, Montana. Airs Saturday, 4/22 at 5pm

3 Miles an Hour
It is the speed of a horse and some folks say the best way to see and savor a life well lived. This is the story of retired back-country outfitter Smoke Elser. His vision of wilderness has always included people.
Airs Sunday, 4/23 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Groundwater Quality - What is the Outlook? (No. 4704) 
Christopher Kelly, hydrologist with the Montana Department of Ag, will discuss Montana's Ground Water Protection program, which helps to keep one of Montana's treasures clean. 
Airs Sunday, 4/23 at 6pm, Sunday, 4/30 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Deadly? Delightful? Distasteful? Mycology in the M (No. 4509) 
Cathy Cripps will be making her (almost) annual pilgrimage to Ag Live to help you identify mushrooms in the Rocky Mountains. Airs Sunday, 4/23 at 11am

Keepers of the Land: Three Montana Families & Their Homestead Legacies
The Homestead Act of 1862 remains one of the most significant and enduring events in the westward expansion of the United States. The chance for free land and opportunity proved irresistible to many, and in the following decades, 151,600 homesteads had been claimed in Montana, the most out of any state. Keepers of the Land is about three Montana families still living and working the land their ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago. 
Airs Sunday, 4/30 at 10am, Thursday, 4/27 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: Kilns and Kin (No. 126) 
The Backroads crew travels along as family and friends gather near Lodge Grass to move animals onto summer range; we visit some abandoned beehive charcoal kilns west of Melrose -- all that's left of one of Montana's earliest and most productive gold smelters; we find the exact geographic center of the state near Lewistown; and visit with a woman who's maintaining her family's connection to the African-American history of the Miles City area. William Marcus hosts the program from a barber shop in Columbus. Airs Saturday, 4/29 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Weeds Are More Than Just An Annoyance! (No. 4705) 
Jasmin Reimer, Montana Department of Agriculture and Noxious Weed Trust Fund Coordinator, will discuss the inner workings of Montana's Noxious Weed Trust Fund and how it's helping keep invasive and noxious weeds at bay. Airs Sunday, 4/30 at 6pm


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