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Concussion: Answers in the Blood?

Concussion: Answers in the Blood?

Multiple air dates in February

Potentially groundbreaking research to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussions.

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Concussion: Answers in the Blood?
Potentially groundbreaking research is taking place in Montana to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Two scientists are attempting to find critical information in human blood. This program gives an inside look at people who suffer a concussion and those who are trying to help them. 
Airs Wednesday, 2/3 at 9pm, Friday, 2/5 at 2am, Friday, 2/5 at 5am, Sunday, 2/7 at 10am and 4:30pm

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Dave Walker Band (No. 603) 
This legendary singer has toured all over the world with some of rock's biggest names: Savoy Brown, Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath. Today, the Dave Walker Band performs blues-rock with a bit of R&B. Formed in 2007, the band features Montana players Jimmy Lewis on guitar, Eddie Tsuru on bass, Mike Gillan on drums and Chris Cundy on keyboards. 
Airs Monday, 2/8 at 2am, Thursday, 2/4 at 7pm, Saturday, 2/6 at 10pm

Backroads of Montana: Marking Passages (No. 141) 
We watch the closing of dinosaur-digging season near Bynum, listen to a centenarian bugler pay his respects, follow a Polson man in his quest to raise the state's largest pumpkin and recount one man's efforts to preserve a special rock quarry near Geraldine. William Marcus hosts the program from the 30th annual Hunter's Feed in Ennis. Airs Saturday, 2/6 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Meeting the Dean of Ag (No. 4304) 
MSU's new Vice President for Agriculture and Dean of the College of Agriculture Charles Boyer will discuss MSU's role in the future of Montana agriculture, the state's most important industry. Airs Sunday, 2/7 at 11am

Backroads of Montana: Pancakes and Polo (No. 111) 
Get ready for wild rides, wild flowers, and wild stories in this episode of Backroads of Montana. We gape at cowboy polo east of Missoula; walk through a field of wildflowers on Big Hole Pass west of Dillon, listen in at the annual storytellers' conference in Cut Bank, and stop along the way for a bite to eat at Yesterday's Calf-A in Dell. And host William Marcus gives us a tour of the original Governor's Mansion in Helena, built by a businessman in 1888 and residence of governors from 1931 to 1959. 
Airs Saturday, 2/13 at 5pm

Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People and Events: Jeannette Rankin/Montana's Constitutional Congress (No. 101) 
This episode begins with a biographical account of Jeannette Rankin and the political stand she took in opposition to World War I and World War II. The second half of the program includes excerpts from "For This and Future Generations," a documentary about Montana's Constitutional Congress. The excerpts show how ordinary people came together in the 70s to rewrite the state's constitution. 
Airs Sunday, 2/14 at 10:30am

Montana Journal: Ethnic Flavors (No. 1602) 
While Montana's population may not be very diverse, its food choices certainly are. This episode shares the stories of five ethnic restaurants around the state. It starts in Bozeman with authentic Iraqi food, then Billings for a taste from India. It continues with Mexican food in Dillon, Thai cuisine in Missoula and a bit of Native American food in St. Ignatius. Airs Sunday, 2/14 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Pesticides and Other Potential Risks (No. 4305) 
MSU entomologist and risk assessment specialist Bob Peterson will discuss the risks associated with mosquitoes, West Nile virus, pesticides, and genetically engineered crops. Airs Sunday, 2/14 at 11am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: New Big Sky Singers (No. 1104)
One of Montana’s most iconic bands, The New Big Sky Singers, takes the stage on 11th & Grant with Eric Funk. Legendary singers & musicians Rob Quist, Don Collins, Don MacDonald, Gary Funk, and Pete Hand showcase their precise, eclectic harmonies as they perform a mix of folk, Americana, and original works. Friends and bandmates for over 5 decades, this group soars with talent and brings witty, unyielding excitement and a swinging sound that comes from various guitars, four symmetrical voices and a warm acoustic bass. 
Airs Thursday, 2/18 at 7pm, Saturday, 2/20 at 11:17pm, Monday, 2/22 at 4:30am

Backroads of Montana: Music and Memories (No. 112) 
The Backroads crew takes us along on visits to the Accordion Festival in Philipsburg, the Ross Cedars in Northwest Montana, a bucking bronco school in Arlee and historic Mann Gulch near Helena. We also meet a grain elevator photographer in Bozeman. Airs Saturday, 2/20 at 5pm

Montana Journal: 100 & Counting (No. 1701) 
At last count, Montana boasts 175 centenarians. This episode introduces us to four remarkable people who have each lived over a century. Their stories of perseverance and overcoming adversity are inspiring. Airs Sunday, 2/21 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Are You Being Bugged? (No. 4306) 
MSU entomologist Dave Weaver will help us understand recent advances in sawfly management and look at insect management in grain storage. Airs Sunday, 2/21 at 11am

Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People and Events: History of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company (No. 102) 
This episode documents the rise and the fall of a company credited with creating the state's economy but criticized for the environmental toll it took on the land. Airs Sunday, 2/21 at 10:30am

Active Shooter: Are Montana Colleges Ready?
As America grapples with a growing number of mass shootings, training for an active shooter situation has become more commonplace, even in Montana. The state hasn't had a deadly shooting on campus since 1990 but police know it could happen here at any time. School administrators and police are tasked with keeping over 40,000 students and faculty safe on more than a dozen campuses across the state. What are they doing to prepare for the worst? Airs Tuesday, 2/23 at 8pm, Thursday, 2/25 at 7:30pm,
Saturday, 2/27 at 4:30pm, Sunday, 2/28 at 10am and 6pm, Monday, 2/29 at 4am

Backroads of Montana: Harlo to Huntley (No. 134) 
The Backroads crew attends the annual threshing bee in Huntley to visit a simpler era when hay wagons were piled high and steam ruled the prairie. At the Harlo Theatre in Harlowton, students run everything from popcorn sales to projectors, proving there's more to this little theatre than box office returns. In Grass Range, a group of folks come from miles around one Sunday every month for a sense of community and nostalgia - and because they love to dance. Airs Thursday, 2/25 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: Flathead Lake to the Crazy Mountains (No. 113) 
William Marcus introduces us to a Big Timber man who works on a minute level; follow a group of seniors as they beautify a stretch of highway in northwest Montana; hitch a ride on the Orphan Girl Express at the World Museum of Mining in Butte; unwind in Helena with a man who restores wind-up phonographs and storm the castle in White Sulphur Springs. Airs Saturday, 2/27 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: MSU Extension (No. 4307) 
MSU Extension Director Jeff Bader will look toward the next 100 years of Extension after recently celebrating their centennial. Airs Sunday, 2/28 at 11am

Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People and Events: Homesteading/The Great Depression/resource Economy (No. 103) 
This episode begins with the homesteading that carved Montana out of the wild frontier, detailing the affects the National Depression had on the state and following the rise of Montana's resource-driven economy after World War II. Airs Sunday, 2/28 at 10:30am

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