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Remembering the Columbia Gardens

Remembering the Columbia Gardens

Watch Thursday, April 16 at 7pm

This program celebrates the now-vanished Columbia Gardens.

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
Montana's Medical Marijuana law has been the subject of intense controversy and criticism. While the media has covered the social issues well, there has been little discussion about the science. This MontanaPBS documentary reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics detail the promises and the limitations of medicinal cannabis. 
Airs Thursday, 4/2 at 7pm, Tuesday, 4/28 at 12pm, Sunday, 4/5 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Coffee Creek to Haugan (No. 135) 
Travel to the bucolic town of Coffee Creek for a stop at the only business in town, Nemec's Parts and Repair. Then, take off to Montana's western border and the small town of Haugan to visit the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery, one of the oldest U.S. Forest Service nurseries in the West. Sample a slice of one of the best pizzas in the world in Bigfork and wind up at the Nevada City Music Hall to listen to the largest public collection of automated music machines in North America. Host William Marcus shares a close-up view of Our Lady of the Rockies high above Butte.  Airs Saturday, 4/4 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Specialized Montana Farms (No. 4302) 
Is Montana's agriculture going toward small specialized farms? What is the outlook for financial success there? MSU small farms agronomist Mac Burgess will help us find out. Airs Sunday, 4/5 at 11am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Hooligans (No. 303) 
Hooligans is a 6-piece 'roots rock' band, well known throughout Montana. Take a trip down memory lane with the 70s and 80s rock music that creates the foundation for rock‘n’roll -- these guys are jammin'!  Airs Saturday, 4/11 at 10:15pm, Thursday, 4/9 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: Singing in the Wires (No. 136) 
The 50 students at Greenfield School in Fairfield are energetic and bright. One reason for their success is a tasty lunch program. We'll spend a day with Lunch Lady Salley Young as she prepares a special meal that's 100 percent Montana made. In Kalispell, we switch into the world of antique phones, with a man whose collecting began with his career as an installer with the phone company. He's proof that it pays to "keep the old stuff." We'll veer off the road to some of Montana's beautiful lakes and ponds to observe the springtime ritual of birds' courtship dances. And we'll meet a man in Fort Benton whose skill in crafting musical instruments is only surpassed by his generous spirit. William Marcus hosts the program from the Big Horn County Museum in Hardin.  Airs Saturday, 4/11 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Going with the Grain (No. 4303) 
MSU Ag Economist Joseph Janzen will help us understand grain marketing strategies and factors affecting long term commodity prices.  Airs Sunday, 4/12 at 6pm, Sunday, 4/19 at 11am

Power Brokers
It's arguably one of Montana's most tragic stories. It led to the demise of Montana Power, the state's only Fortune 500 Company, and it pushed power prices into the stratosphere. While most know how the experiment in Electricity Deregulation ended, few know how it all began. In this hour-long documentary, Montana PBS investigates the sources of the deregulation movement and the subsequent power crisis. The documentary uncovers surprising relationships and business connections that would eventually cast a shadow over former Governor Marc Racicot and draw Montana Power into a federal investigation.  Airs Sunday, 4/12 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Long and Winding Roads in Montana (No. 4207) 
Western Transportation Institute engineer Steve Jenkins will focus on road issues in rural Montana cities and counties.  Airs Sunday, 4/12 at 11am

Remembering the Columbia Gardens
This program celebrates the now-vanished Columbia Gardens, in business from 1899-1973, in home movies, pictures, and first-hand accounts of people who remember the rollercoaster, the carousel, the biplanes and the cowboy swings.  Airs Thursday, 4/16 at 7pm, Sunday, 4/19 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Paintings, Partials and Pies (No. 137) 
Follow competitors in the cherry pit spitting and cherry pie eating contests at the Flathead Cherry Festival in Polson. Learn the story of Hobson dentist Virgil Stewart who began his practice in 1912 during an era when most rural Montanans could not afford such care. Hike into the Sweet Grass Hills where an unexpected natural wonder rises out of the prairie. And meet an eastern Montana man whose passion for art has literally spread all over the town of Forsyth. William Marcus hosts the program from historical landmarks near Havre and Chinook. Airs Saturday, 4/18 at 5pm, Monday, 4/20 at 4:30am

Montana Ag Live: Meeting the Dean of Ag (No. 4304) 
MSU's new Vice President for Agriculture and Dean of the College of Agriculture Charles Boyer will discuss MSU's role in the future of Montana agriculture, the state's most important industry. 
Airs Sunday, 4/19 at 6pm, Sunday, 4/26 at 11am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Kenny James Miller Band (No. 1003) 
The powerful Blues-Rock trio, Kenny James Miller Band, brings their all original, high energy music to 11th & Grant. The potency of a large rock band fits into the hands of three accomplished musicians; Ken Sederdahl on lead guitar and vocals, Mark Cornett on bass, and Mark Miller on drums. 
Airs Thursday, 4/23 at 7pm, Saturday, 4/25 at 9:45pm, Monday, 4/27 at 2am

Backroads of Montana: Hook, Line and Singer (No. 138) 
Backroads meets a western Montana man who has worked hard to improve access to the state's great outdoors. A terrifying highway accident left Chris Clasby a quadriplegic, but it couldn't diminish his passion for hunting and fishing. His spirit comes through as we tag along on a fishing trip on the Missouri River. Next is a tour of Rock City near Valier, a sandstone metropolis of hoodoos carved by Two Medicine River. The show profiles Chontay Standing Rock, a student at Stone Child College on the Rocky Boy Reservation, who has a unique approach to American Indian songs. He adds some English words and a striking stage presence to put his own spin on traditional music. And in Deer Lodge Backroads visits retired rancher, Gene Hensen, whose unlikely collection of home appliances grew from necessity. William Marcus hosts the program from the Fergus County Courthouse in Lewistown. 
Airs Saturday, 4/25 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Pesticides and Other Potential Risks (No. 4305) 
MSU entomologist and risk assessment specialist Bob Peterson will discuss the risks associated with mosquitoes, West Nile virus, pesticides, and genetically engineered crops.  Airs Sunday, 4/26 at 6pm

Fish Between the Falls
Ten thousand years ago Kootenai people painted pictures of white sturgeon on the rocks above the lake where they lived. These impressive fish, the largest and one of the oldest in North America, were an important part of the tribe's diet and the inspiration for their elegant sturgeon-nosed canoes. Now, dikes and dams have changed the river system so much that sturgeon no longer successfully reproduce. But the people whose culture is bound up with these fish and the people who control the river today are working together to restore the Kootenai River White Sturgeon to their ancestral home. 
Airs Sunday, 4/26 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Music and Memories (No. 112) 
The Backroads crew takes us along on visits to the Accordion Festival in Philipsburg, the Ross Cedars in Northwest Montana, a bucking bronco school in Arlee and historic Mann Gulch near Helena. We also meet a grain elevator photographer in Bozeman.  Airs Thursday, 4/30 at 7pm

Business: Made in Montana #2201
On this episode of Business: Made in Montana, we feature Mad Cow Metal Works of Bozeman, Strongwater Mountain Surf Company in Missoula, Montana Hydraulics in Helena, Alpine Urns in Columbia Falls and Rocky Mountain Biologicals in Missoula. Sojin Josephson hosts. 
Airs Thursday, 4/30 at 7:30pm

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