Monthly Highlights

Backroads of Montana: Capitol Rock & Community Folk (No. 127) 
From Capitol Rock near Ekalaka to the Hot Club of Troy, this program covers Montana from border to border. Stops include Easter services at the Serbian Orthodox Church in Butte, a profile of the mayor of Alberton - who also runs the junkyard, a visit to Troy's music venue, the Hot Club Coffee House and a stop at the nation's least-visited national landmark, Capitol Rock. William Marcus hosts the program from the American Computer Museum in Bozeman. 
Airs Saturday, 7/2 at 5pm

Against the Darkness
A historical documentary about coal miners in Montana, serving as a tribute to the men and their trade. Hosted by Joseph Campanella.
Airs Sunday, 7/3 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Why Using Quality Seed Matters (No. 4502) 
Manager of the Montana Seed Growers Association Heather Rimel will discuss Montana's seed industry, and the importance of utilizing quality seed in order to produce superior crops. 
Airs Sunday, 7/3 at 11am

Montana Journal: 100 & Counting (No. 1701) 
At last count, Montana boasts 175 centenarians. This episode introduces us to four remarkable people who have each lived over a century. Their stories of perseverance and overcoming adversity are inspiring. 
Airs Sunday, 7/3 at 10:30am

Concussion: Answers in the Blood?
Potentially groundbreaking research is taking place in Montana to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Two scientists are attempting to find critical information in human blood. This program gives an inside look at people who suffer a concussion and those who are trying to help them. 
Airs Wednesday, 7/6 at 12pm, Sunday, 7/31 at 10am

Virginia City: Where History Lives
This program takes viewers down the boardwalks of Virginia City, Montana. Regional characters share the captivating history of the area while incorporating wonderful stories and personal experiences that detail how Virginia City shaped the area and Montana's early days. 
Airs Thursday, 7/7 at 7:30pm, Sunday, 7/10 at 10:30am

TheRundown with Beth Saboe: The Future of Colstrip (No. 101) 
At a time when the coal industry is facing one setback after another, MontanaPBS News & Public Affairs Producer Beth Saboe explores how the conflict over coal is playing out in the small town of Colstrip. This company town is home to around 2,200 people, and the coal-fired power plant and nearby coal mine are the community's largest employers. But Colstrip's plant is primarily owned by out-of-state utility companies who want to wean customers off electricity generated by coal and replace it with renewable energy. The Obama administration is also making it hard for this town that coal built, with a plan to fight climate change that would force Montana to drastically reduce its carbon emissions. Can the people of Colstrip win the war on coal? Or will this small town be forced to forgo its namesake to survive? 
Airs Thursday, 7/7 at 7pm, Sunday, 7/10 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Places of Note (No. 128) 
We remember the legendary Ozark Club in Great Falls, visit the Ringing Rocks geological site near Pipestone, profile the fabled Butte entertainer "Luigi" and more. William Marcus hosts the program from the Rialto Theatre in Deer Lodge. 
Airs Saturday, 7/9 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: On and Off the Lamb! (No. 4503) 
Director of Montana's Wool Lab Monica Ebert will inform viewers about the function of the wool lab and its importance to the sheep industry in Montana and the region. 
Airs Sunday, 7/10 at 11am

Aging Out: Autism in Montana
Each year, more children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but the framework of care drastically changes for them after adolescence. The tidal wave of children transitioning into adulthood leaves many families on a search for help and structure. Follow Montana families as they recognize their fears and explore their options for the future. 
Airs Monday, 7/11 at 9pm, Wednesday, 7/13 at 1am, Sunday, 7/24 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Sharp Shooters (No. 142) 
Meet a remarkable Great Falls woman with a sharp eye at the pool table and 100 years of stories. In Lincoln, attend a family-run, co-ed basketball tournament that keeps their late father's memory alive. In Alberton, the woman who has patrolled the sidelines at the team's games with her camera for decades has snapped thousands of memories. And in Billings, the "King of the One Armed Bandits" sells and restores antique slot machines. William Marcus hosts the program from the historic M&M Bar in Butte. 
Airs Thursday, 7/14 at 7pm, Sunday, 7/17 at 10am

Alien Place: The Fort Missoula Detention Camp 1941-1944
"An Alien Place chronicles the history and experiences of the 1,200 Italian and 1,000 Japanese nationals held at Fort Missoula by the Department of Justice from 1941-1944. As foreign nationals and not US citizens, these men were arrested and sent to Fort Missoula. Japanese internees were subject to loyalty hearings conducted by the Department of Justice. 
Airs Thursday, 7/14 at 7:30pm, Sunday, 7/17 at 10:30am

Backroads of Montana: Rockets, Peaks and Poets (No. 129) 
We will visit the Big Sky Rocketry Association and watch their launch event near Twin Bridges and then explore a geologic curiosity near Sunburst called "Jerusalem Peaks." We will also profile Dixon poet Victor Charlo. William Marcus hosts the program from the Range Rider's Museum in Miles City. 
Airs Saturday, 7/16 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Ag Education Matters (No. 4504) 
Associate Professor Ag Education Shannon Arnold will discuss the wide range of educational opportunities in agriculture, including such successful programs as using horses to teach life skills to youth and adults. 
Airs Sunday, 7/17 at 11am

Backroads of Montana: Comin' Round the Mountain (No. 130) 
The 30th episode introduces us to a man who's returned to Glacier National Park to sign on for a new job. We'll watch spring warmth transform a mountain snowpack, trace the history of Chinese immigrants in small-town Montana and more. William Marcus hosts the program from historic Stevensville. 
Airs Saturday, 7/23 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Tax Issues for Agriculture (No. 4505) 
Director of Montana's Department of Revenue Mike Kadas will steer us through the tax issues that affect Montana agricultural producers. 
Airs Sunday, 7/24 at 11am

Backroads of Montana: Cakes and Cowboys (No. 131) 
This episode of Backroads travels first to Park City, where everyone will tell you that the best angel food for miles around comes from "The Cake Ladies." In Great Falls, we'll visit a special site that honors fallen soldiers and pays tribute to living veterans. We stop in the central Montana town of Winifred to see what may be the world's largest Tonka toy collection. Finally, we visit a working cowboy singer on his ranch south of Wibaux. William Marcus hosts the program from Malta. 
Airs Saturday, 7/30 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Meat Processing On A Smaller Level (No. 4506) 
MSU Associate Professor of Meat Science in the Animal Science Department Jane Boles will discuss the challenges for small meat processors in Montana. 
Airs Sunday, 7/31 at 11am


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