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History Of Yellowstone

History Of Yellowstone

Airs Wednesday 9/3 at 7pm

Producer Jack R. Hubbell presents a series which explores the history of Yellowstone.

Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life
Evelyn Cameron left a life of privilege in England and found a sense of peace on the Montana prairie. With an independent spirit suited for the American West, she started her own photography business. She left behind a legacy of photographs and diary writings providing an intimate portrait of pioneer life rarely seen.
Airs Tuesday 9/2 at 8:30pm, repeats Thursday 9/4 at 2:30am

History of Yellowstone “Dudes and Sagebrushers” (No. 102)
This episode spans the period from 1872 to present day and uncovers the early history of camping, hotels, rangers and transportation within the park. The oldest surviving hotel of all the national parks is found in Yellowstone; built in 1890, it still provides comfort to weary travelers. We also reveal the secrets of the Old Faithful Inn and one of the hotels built in Yellowstone that was a mile in circumference. Another hotel was forced out of business with the arrival of the automobile, which transformed Yellowstone from a playground of the rich into the camping mecca for the masses. Rare historic photographs and film show the modern viewer early park history never before seen.   
Airs Wednesday 9/3 at 6:59pm, repeats Friday 9/5 at 3:30am

Fort Peck Dam
Work had just begun, and already it was the largest dam in the world. It provided hope and the prospect of a regular paycheck during the darkest days of the Great Depression. The dam was an engineering feat in a place as harsh and desolate as any on earth. Thousands of men and their families faced unforgiving conditions to build the Fort Peck Dam, a project bold in design, daring in execution and far reaching in its effects.
Airs Saturday 9/6 at 2pm

3 Miles an Hour
It is the speed of a horse and some folks say the best way to see and savor a life well lived. This is the story of retired back-country outfitter Smoke Elser. His vision of wilderness has always included people. This program takes you into the Bob Marshall wilderness as Elser shares his history, passion and connection to the outdoors.
Airs Saturday 9/6 at 12:30pm

Glacier Park Remembered
It is hard to imagine what was more memorable in Glacier Park a century ago: the breath taking scenery, or the adventure. Travel in time with us as we follow the adventures of our counterparts 100 years ago through rare, restored film, museum pictures and historical memorabilia. See how eastern city slickers were lured to North central Montana by a glitzy promotional campaign promoted by the Great Northern Railroad.
Airs Sunday 9/7 at 1:30pm


Love Is the Journey: The Montana Logging and Ballet Company
Watch the final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company after 37 years of touring. This program was filmed live in Helena, Montana and includes interviews and the history of the group
Airs Sunday 9/7 at 11:30pm

11th & Grant with Eric Funk  Basement Jazz   (No. 905 )
Four talented young musicians carry the jazz legacy forward by featuring their own original music, and compositions of Montana jazz veterans. Basement Jazz features Caroline Janssen on guitar, Claire Young on Saxophone, Colleen Schmidt on bass, and Amy Giullian on drums. Joining these talented young adults are Bob Nell and Eric Funk, well known around Montana for their original jazz compositions and performances.
Airs Thursday 9/11 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 9/13 at 9:18pm, Monday 9/15 at 3:30am

Backroads of Montana “Flathead Lake to the Crazy Mountains” (No. 113)
William Marcus introduces us to a Big Timber man who works on a minute level; follow a group of seniors as they beautify a stretch of highway in northwest Montana; hitch a ride on the Orphan Girl Express at the World Museum of Mining in Butte; unwind in Helena with a man who restores wind-up phonographs and storm the castle in White Sulphur Springs. Airs Saturday 9/13 at 5pm

Mating for Life
In this intimate documentary, the filmmaker narrates her personal pilgrimage to witness the annual spring migration of the sandhill cranes in central Nebraska. As the author makes this journey she seeks answers to life's bigger questions, which she finds represented in the cranes' behavior, history and their ability to mate for life.
"Mating for Life" is a non-traditional nature film that explores the human needs for both connection and solitude.
Airs Sunday 9/14 at 10am

Montana Ag Live “Readin', Writin' and Agriculture!” (No. 4105)
Montana Department of Agriculture Agricultural Literacy Specialist Lorri Brenneman discusses programs designed to teach teachers about Montana agriculture, the state's number one industry.
Airs Sunday 9/14 at 11am

Montana Ag Live “Fall Gardening Special” (No. 4201)
This episode of AG Live will discuss gardening issues. What went wrong in your garden this year? We will try to figure it out!  
Airs Sunday 9/14 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 9/21 at 11am

Backroads of Montana “Roundup to Nine Mile” (No. 114)
We get to know a rural mail carrier in Roundup, a veteran firespotter near Nine Mile, and the creator of Glasgow's giant metal animals; then we head out for a look at the Red Sun Labyrinth near Victor and at Native American pictographs and petroglyphs in a canyon near Forest Grove.  Airs Saturday 9/20 at 5pm

Hot Afternoons Have Been In Montana
Eli Sigel's poem is performed with the stunning landscapes of Montana.
Airs Saturday 9/20 at 4:30pm, repeats Monday 9/22 at 3am

Painting John
A lone rancher and nomadic artist. A stark landscape and unrelenting winter. Through the intimacy of life portraiture, two divergent people meet and forge an improbable bond beyond the world of social networks and sound bites.
Airs Saturday 9/20 at 4:46pm, repeats Monday 9/22 at 3:16am


Global Civics Roundtables “Citizen Diplomacy” (No. 105)
This series fosters and cultivates international understanding through public dialogue about Montanans' interdependent relationships with other countries, regions, and peoples of the world, and how best we can act to preserve and enhance the common good.  Airs Sunday 9/21 at 10am

Montana Ag Live “Visiting Ag Research Centers” (No. 4202)
How do the Ag Research Centers solve today's challenges? Barry Jacobsen, Interim Department Head of MSU Research Centers will join us to look at how they address Montana's AG production problems.
Airs Sunday 9/21 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 9/28 at 11am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk “Tappan/Roberti Quartet” (No. 204)
The "Tappan/Roberti Quartet" consists of four of the finest jazz players anywhere with Ann Tappan (piano), Kelly Roberti (bass), MJ Williams (vocals), and Brad Edwards (drums). Their sound is the 'state of the art' jazz that international audiences cherish and yearn for.
Airs Thursday 9/25 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 9/27 at 9:18pm, Monday 9/29 at 3am

Missouri Compromised
Arguments over Missouri River water management have been spinning for decades, impeded by the river's very infrastructure. Where river engineering birthed a strong recreation industry, it has brought heavy impacts to the ecosystem and unresolved challenges for the navigation industry. This documentary asks whether, after seventy years, industries and interests will continue to make the river conform to infrastructure, or whether people are ready to adjust themselves to what the Missouri River can really offer. Airs Sunday 9/28 at 10am

Silencing the Thunder
This program exposes the controversy surrounding the disease brucellosis within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Should Yellowstone National Park's bison population be managed with lethal means to reduce the risk of possible disease transmission to cattle?  Airs Sunday 9/28 at 10:30am

Montana Ag Live “Forages - The Key to Montana's Livestock Industry” (No. 4203)
MSU Forage Extension Specialist Emily Glunk will talk about the key niche that forage plays in today's livestock operation.  Airs Sunday 9/28 at 6pm

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