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How Montanans Voted: Analyzing the 2014 Election

How Montanans Voted: Analyzing the 2014 Election

Airs Wednesday 11/05 at 7pm

Gain insight into how and why people voted on November 4th, with analysis from Bob Brown and Gary Stein.

11th & Grant With Eric Funk - Salsa Loca (No. 901) 
A Latin-jazz band based in Missoula, Montana, Salsa Loca features a sizzling hot horn section and virtuoso Latin percussionists, specializing in the full range of danceable Latin and Afro-Cuban styles: mambo, cha-cha, danzon, guaracha, guaguanco, merengue, bolero, and everything in between. Salsa Loca is comprised of Chuck Florence on saxophone/flute and Leon Slater on trumpet, joined by percussionist Cody Hollow and veteran Bob Ledbetter on drums. First class bass by Beth Lo and rapid-fire originals by guitarist/pianist David Horgan round out this energetic and accomplished group. 
Saturday, 11/01 at 10:00pm, Monday, 11/03 at 3:00am

Backroads of Montana - Alder Gulch To Plentywood (No. 119) 
Tour the Christenot family mill near Alder Gulch and take a ride on the steam train between Virginia City and Nevada City. After a stop to tempt your sweet teeth at the Parrot Confectionary in Helena, marvel at snow geese flocking in thousands at Freezout Lake, near Choteau, and at the creations of Plentywood inventor Pat Tange. Finally, tour the historic Northern Pacific railroad depot in Livingston. 
Saturday, 11/01 at 5:00pm

Lone Representative: Zinke Or Lewis?
One hails from a small town in Montana, the other from one of the biggest cities in the state. One has a large, boisterous personality, the other an understated, below-the-radar style. Zinke and Lewis couldn't be any further apart, but they do have one thing in common; little to no experience in elected office. Now, they want to represent you in the U.S. House. How will you decide who to vote for? Watch MontanaPBS's in-depth study of these two very different candidates. The documentary explores the candidates' past, their characters and their politics. It also reveals what the candidates hope to accomplish in a gridlocked Congress if Montana voters give them a chance to be the State's lone representative. 
Sunday, 11/02 at 10:30am, Sunday, 11/02 at 6:00pm, Sunday, 11/02 at 3:30am

From Both Sides: Curtis Vs. Daines
With an open seat in the United States Senate, two relatively fresh faces in Montana politics vie for one of the top jobs in the state. Join MontanaPBS as we follow freshman Montana House Representative, Amanda Curtis and freshman U.S. House Representative, Steve Daines as they engage with voters on the campaign trail. Spend time with each candidate as they delve into the issues they consider important to Montanans, and learn how they plan to tackle the country's problems as your voice in Washington DC. 
Sunday, 11/02 at 6:30pm, Sunday, 11/02 at 10:00am, Sunday, 11/02 at 3:00am

Montana Ag Live - Long And Winding Roads In Montana (No. 4207) 
Steve Jenkins, engineer with the Western Transportation Institute, will focus on road issues in rural Montana cities and counties. Sunday, 11/02 at 11:00am

Montana PBS Election Coverage  November 4, 2014 
MontanaPBS provides LIVE coverage of the major races across Montana, including reports from campaign headquarters and up-to-the-minute voting results, interviews and analysis.  Each update will be approximately 5-7 minutes in duration scheduled between regular PBS programming throughout the evening. 
Tuesday, 11/4 at 6:52pm Welcome (pt.1) (No. 1301)
Tuesday, 11/4 at 7:52pm Update (pt.2) (No. 1302)
Tuesday, 11/4 at 8:52pm Early Returns (pt.3) (No. 1303)
Tuesday, 11/4 at 9:52pm Returns (pt.4) (No. 1304)
Tuesday, 11/4 at 10:28pm Wrap Up (pt.5) (No. 1305)

Playing for the World: 1904 Fort Shaw Indian Girls’ Basketball Team 
In 1902, a unique combination of Native women came together at a boarding school in Montana. They used the new sport of basketball to help them adjust to a rapidly changing world. Their travels and experiences led them to places they never imagined. Ultimately, they played for something much larger than themselves. Thursday, 11/6 at 7pm, Monday, 11/10 at 4am, Sunday, 11/16 at 10am

How Montanans Voted: Analyzing The 2014 Election
Gain insight into how and why people voted on November 4th, with analysis from Bob Brown and Gary Stein, and in-depth interviews with winners and losers. Anchor John Twiggs and his guests will also look at the balance of power in the state legislature and what that means for the upcoming session. 
11/05 at 7:00pm, Thursday, 11/06 at 12:00pm, Friday, 11/07 at 12:30am, Wednesday, Saturday, 11/08 at 4:30pm, Sunday, 11/09 at 10:00am

Backroads of Montana - Augusta To Wisdom (No. 120) 
We visit a Big Hole Valley family that's been haying together for generations, hear and elk bugle near Moiese, meet a small-town guitarist who has criss-crossed Montana performing for more than 70 years, learn the history of a one-of-a-kind bridge near Augusta, and drop in on a woman who reports the news from Sweet Grass. Montana native William Marcus hosts the program from the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls. Saturday, 11/08 at 5:00pm

Montana Ag Live - 2014 Home Gardens: Highs And Lows (No. 4201) 
This episode of AG Live will discuss gardening issues. What went right and what went wrong in your garden this year? Also, Dean Williamson joins us to discuss current trends in the certified organic vegetable garden operation at Three Hearts Farm. Sunday, 11/09 at 11:00am

Silencing The Thunder
This program exposes the controversy surrounding the disease brucellosis within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Should Yellowstone National Park's bison population be managed with lethal means to reduce the risk of possible disease transmission to cattle? Sunday, 11/09 at 10:30am

Not Yet Begun to Fight
Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings remembers flight missions high above the death and destruction in Vietnam. From the cockpit, he traced meandering ribbons that cut through the jungle. He recognized the shapes of the trout streams of home. Every night, he dreamed about fly-fishing. When he returned home to Montana in 1969, to a nation decades away from diagnosing PTSD, he went to the water. He tied a fly onto a line and cast. The river, he says, healed him. In the space between war and a new battle, NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT unfolds. Hastings reaches out to five men, a new generation returning from war. He brings them to the river and shares his secret: there are places where you can still be consumed by a simple act, find joy in a fight, and be redeemed as you gently release another creature, unharmed, into quiet waters. Monday, 11/10 at 9pm, Tuesday, 11/11 at 12pm, Wednesday, 11/19 at 1am

Indian Relay
The hope and determination of modern-day American Indian life is revealed in this film about what it takes to win one of the most exciting and perilous forms of horseracing practiced anywhere in the world today. Featuring remarkable high-speed cinematography, INDIAN RELAY follows three teams from different American Indian communities as they prepare for and compete in a grueling Indian Relay season -- all hearts set on the glory and honor of winning an Indian Relay National Championship. Thursday, 11/13 at 5:00am, Thursday, 11/13 at 7:00pm, Monday, 11/17 at 4:00am, Sunday, 11/23 at 10:00am,

Backroads of Montana - Anaconda To Comertown (No. 121) 
This episode takes us up the slopes with a long-time ski instructor near Anaconda, introduces us to the art of glass blowing in Townsend, shows us a new monument to Native American soldiers at the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Crow Agency and takes us to a reunion in the nearly forgotten northeastern Montana town of Comertown. Montana native William Marcus hosts the program from the Chief Plenty Coups State Park near Pryor. Saturday, 11/15 at 5:00pm

Montana Ag Live - Visiting Ag Research Centers (No. 4202) 
How do the Ag Research Centers solve today's challenges? Barry Jacobsen, Interim Department Head of MSU Research Centers, will join us to look at how they address Montana's AG production problems. 
Sunday, 11/16 at 11:00am

Painting John
A lone rancher and nomadic artist. A stark landscape and unrelenting winter. Through the intimacy of life portraiture, two divergent people meet and forge an improbable bond beyond the world of social networks and sound bites. Sunday, 11/16 at 2:45pm

11th & Grant With Eric Funk - Bad Betty Organ Combo (No. 1002) 
The Bad Betty Organ Combo brings the classic soul jazz sound of the 60s and 70s to 11th & Grant. Five energetic, seasoned musicians display their prowess with a blend of groove, blues, and jazz. Appearing in this all-star cast are Buff Brown on harmonica, guitar, and lead vocals, Ryan Montana Matzinger on Alto and Baritone Sax, Chris Cundy on Hammond B3, Mike Gillan on drums, and John Sanders on bass. 
Thursday, 11/20 at 7:00pm, Saturday, 11/22 at 10:00pm, Monday, 11/24 at 4:00am

Backroads Of Montana - Coming Home (No. 122) 
In this episode we accompany the Shakespeare in the Parks troupe to Birney, the smallest community to host their tour, visit Kremlin-Gilford for its last homecoming parade, plant a special tree with a group of Girl Scouts in Great Falls, and walk an interpretive trail near Hamilton that tells the story of Lewis & Clark from another perspective. Saturday, 11/22 at 5:00pm

Montana Ag Live - Forages - The Key To Montana's Livestock Industry (No. 4203) 
MSU Forage Extension Specialist Emily Glunk will talk about the key niche that forage plays in today's livestock operation. Sunday, 11/23 at 11:00am

Keepers Of The Land - Three Montana Families & Their Homestead Legacies
The Homestead Act of 1862 remains one of the most significant and enduring events in the westward expansion of the United States. The chance for free land and opportunity proved irresistible to many, and in the following decades, 151,600 homesteads had been claimed in Montana, the most out of any state. Keepers of the Land is about three Montana families still living and working the land their ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago. Thursday, 11/27 at 7:00pm

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