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Bard in the Backcountry

Bard in the Backcountry

Airs Wednesday, 12/2 at 7pm

A summer on the road with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks.

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Montana On My Mind
Montana on My Mind celebrates the unique beauty and spirit of the last best state. Inspired by the best-selling book, "Montana on My Mind," this program combines stunning film with inspiring quotes, music and commentary by Michael S. Sample. Including magnificent scenery, people, places and events, this program will leave you with an unforgettable portrait of Montana. 
Airs Saturday, 12/12 at 10am, Wednesday, 12/2 at 1am

Beartooth Highway
Winding its way through pristine mountain air and majestic, snow-capped peaks, Montana's magnificent Beartooth Highway was described as "America's most beautiful roadway" by Charles Kuralt. You'll see why in this video tour travelling along the 69-mile scenic route from its beginning in Red Lodge, Montana, to its spectacular finish at the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. 
Airs Wednesday, 12/2 at 3:15am

Bard in the Backcountry
From first read through to final performance, this program takes a behind-the-scenes look at a summer of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks and tells the story of Shakespeare in Montana. Meet professional actors, some veterans and some fresh out of school, who have their lives changed by the people and places of Montana. Airs Wednesday, 12/2 at 6:59pm, Friday, 12/4 at 1am, Friday, 12/4 at 4:30am

Glacier On My Mind
Glacier on My Mind celebrates the rugged beauty and spirit of Glacier National Park in Montana. This park is a stunning region of spectacular mountains, beautiful forests, cascading streams, and magnificent wildlife, all shown here in breathtaking color images by Montana photographer Michael Sample. The images are carefully matched with quotations from writers who know and love these splendid parks, creating a unique and timeless portrait of these remarkable lands. 
Airs Wednesday, 12/2 at 2:30am, Wednesday, 12/2 at 5:15am

Love is the Journey: The Montana Logging and Ballet Company
Watch the final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company after 37 years of touring. This program was filmed live in Helena, Montana and includes interviews and the history of the group. Airs Thursday, 12/3 at 10:30pm, Saturday, 12/5 at 4am

Fort Peck Dam
Work had just begun, and already it was the largest dam in the world. It provided hope and the prospect of a regular paycheck during the darkest days of the Great Depression. The dam was an engineering feat in a place as harsh and desolate as any on earth. Thousands of men and their families faced unforgiving conditions to build the Fort Peck Dam, a project bold in design, daring in execution and far reaching in its effects. Airs Saturday, 12/5 at 3:30pm

Great Falls Story: A Tribute to 125 Years
The Great Falls Story tells the history of everyday life in what was Montana's largest city. Great Falls began as an ambitious dream to make north-central Montana an industrial empire. The dream included parks, buildings, stores and an opera house to rival anywhere. The story is told through hundreds of photos, rare film from nearly a century ago, and firsthand stories. It includes accounts from the world's oldest man, Great Falls resident Walter Breuning and "Captain Dynamite," a crowd favorite for blowing himself up at Great Falls ball games. New York and Los Angeles Emmy Award winning network news correspondent Craig Wirth returns home to Great Falls to join longtime Montana broadcaster Norma Ashby to produce this Montana tribute. Airs Monday, 12/7 at 8pm, Wednesday, 12/9 at 3am

Backroads of Montana Special Presentation: Russell Country (No. 104)
Award-winning C.M. Russell biographer Jane Lambert hosts this Backroads tribute to Montana's Russell Country. We'll remember the first air mail delivery in Great Falls, visit the city's Veterans Memorial and profile Piano Pat at the Sip 'n Dip Lounge. The long-gone Ozark Club, a doll museum in Loma, a Girl Scout troop at Giant Springs State Park, and a harp builder in Fort Benton round out the retrospective. Airs Monday, 12/7 at 6:59pm, Wednesday, 12/9 at 2am

Glacier Park Remembered
Historical memorabilia and old film showcase what Montana's Glacier Park was like 100 years ago.
Airs Monday, 12/7 at 9:30pm, Wednesday, 12/9 at 4:30am

Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone and Glacier Through Native Eyes
For more than 12,000 years, the intermountain West's native peoples have called the lands known as Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks "home." This program explores modern indigenous perspectives on these great wilderness areas and explores both the cultural divide that separates modern times from the not-so-distant past and recent efforts by the National Park Service and native peoples to bring these disparate visions into greater harmony. Airs Monday, 12/14 at 11:30am

Concussion: Answers in the Blood?
Potentially groundbreaking research is taking place in Montana to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Two scientists are attempting to find critical information in human blood. This program gives an inside look at people who suffer a concussion and those who are trying to help them. 
Airs Tuesday, 12/15 at 8pm, Sunday, 12/20 at 10am, Thursday, 12/17 at 2am

How the West is Fun: Explorers (No. 101) 
Four Montana middle-school students discover how difficult it was to be an explorer. They learn about Lewis and Clark, Native American explorers and more. Their activities take them around the state.
Airs Wednesday, 12/16 at 11:30am

Backroads of Montana: Singing in the Wires (No. 136) 
The 50 students at Greenfield School in Fairfield are energetic and bright. One reason for their success is a tasty lunch program. We'll spend a day with Lunch Lady Salley Young as she prepares a special meal that's 100 percent Montana made. In Kalispell, we switch into the world of antique phones, with a man whose collecting began with his career as an installer with the phone company. He's proof that it pays to "keep the old stuff." We'll veer off the road to some of Montana's beautiful lakes and ponds to observe the springtime ritual of birds' courtship dances. And we'll meet a man in Fort Benton whose skill in crafting musical instruments is only surpassed by his generous spirit. William Marcus hosts the program from the Big Horn County Museum in Hardin. Airs Saturday, 12/19 at 5pm

Backroads of Montana: Making Connections (No. 140) 
In this episode, meet Iris Dodge who was inspired to record the vanishing cowboy life in paint and poems. Spend a fun day in Butte at the annual Lineman's Rodeo where professionals and amateurs show off their skills. In Jefferson City, explore the flowers, plants and trees at Tizer Gardens and Arboretum and then visit Kalispell to meet a vibrant 84-year-old woman who still teaches dance classes. William Marcus hosts the program from the annual Creston Fire Department Auction and Country Fair in northwest Montana. Airs Sunday, 12/20 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Those Pesky Deer! (No. 4404) 
MSU Wildlife specialist Lance McNew will address the interface between man and beast -- or woman and vole, as the case may be. Airs Sunday, 12/20 at 11am

How the West is Fun: Artists of the West (No. 102) 
Four Montana middle-school students learn what influences an artist's work. They work with Montana artists Monte Dolack, Larry Pirnie and Beth Lo. The students paint, draw and work with clay.
Airs Wednesday, 12/23 at 11:30am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Christmas with Philip Aaberg (No. 906) 
Philip Aaberg performs original holiday music and spirited Christmas favorites on 11th & Grant. Pristine silences and melodic expanses paint an audible portrait of the sweeping Montana landscape. 
Airs Monday, 12/28 at 2am, Thursday, 12/24 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: Paintings, Partials and Pies (No. 137) 
Follow competitors in the cherry pit-spitting and cherry pie-eating contests at the Flathead Cherry Festival in Polson. Learn the story of Hobson dentist Virgil Stewart who began his practice in 1912 during an era when most rural Montanans could not afford such care. Hike into the Sweet Grass Hills where an unexpected natural wonder rises out of the prairie. And meet an eastern Montana man whose passion for art has literally spread all over the town of Forsyth. William Marcus hosts the program from historical landmarks near Havre and Chinook. Airs Saturday, 12/26 at 5pm

Silencing the Thunder
This program exposes the controversy surrounding the disease brucellosis within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Should Yellowstone National Park's bison population be managed with lethal means to reduce the risk of possible disease transmission to cattle? Airs Sunday, 12/27 at 10:30am

Montana Ag Live: The Latest Farm Bill (No. 4405) 
MSU agricultural economist Kate Fuller will explore how the Farm Bill is affecting Montanans today. 
Airs Sunday, 12/27 at 11am

Business: Made in Montana
Recycled wood products, fashionable hats for active Montanans, high-tech printers and personal grooming products for beards are the subjects of another student-produced television program featuring Montana-based businesses. This episode introduces viewers to Fang Mountain Wilderness Hardware of Missoula, Wizbang Hats of Missoula, Acuity Design in Missoula and Beard Mountain in Billings. 
Airs Sunday, 12/27 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Marking Passages (No. 141) 
We watch the closing of dinosaur-digging season near Bynum, listen to a centenarian bugler pay his respects, follow a Polson man in his quest to raise the state's largest pumpkin and recount one man's efforts to preserve a special rock quarry near Geraldine. William Marcus hosts the program from the 30th annual Hunters Feed in Ennis. Airs Sunday, 12/27 at 5pm

How the West is Fun: American Indian Culture (No. 103) 
Four Montana middle-school students learn important values from American Indian culture. The students ride horses, tan hides and learn a new language. They meet members of the Blackfeet and Bitterroot Salish tribes. Airs Wednesday, 12/30 at 11:30am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Tumbledown House (No. 903) 
The Sultry vocals of Gillian Howe and the eclectic Indie-Jazz guitar work of Tyler Miller bring "gritty saloon jazz" to 11th & Grant, reminiscent of the early 1930s prohibition era. 
Airs Thursday, 12/31 at 7pm

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