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Christmas Favorites

Christmas Favorites

Airs Thursday 12/25 at 7pm

Featuring traditional and original music, musicians perform Christmas music.

Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life
Evelyn Cameron left a life of privilege in England and found a sense of peace on the Montana prairie. With an independent spirit suited for the American West, she started her own photography business. She left behind a legacy of photographs and diary writings providing an intimate portrait of pioneer life rarely seen.
Thursday 12/4 at 7:00pm, Sunday, 12/07 at 9:30am, Wednesday, 12/10 at 2:30am

Glacier Park's Night Of The Grizzlies
On the night of August 12, 1967, grizzly bears in Glacier National Park killed two young women and severely mauled one man. For everyone involved, it remains an unforgettable night of crisis, intense fear, bravery and, ultimately, grief. This dramatic and tragic story, and how it eventually influenced the fate of the grizzly bear in the continental United States, takes center stage in the historical documentary. Archival material, photographs, re-creations and gripping on-camera interviews with survivors, witnesses, family members, journalists and biologists, provide a complete account of those events. Veteran film and television actor J.K. Simmons (Law and Order, Juno, Up in the Air, The Closer) narrates. 
Saturday, 12/06 at 10:30pm, Monday, 12/08 at 4:00am

Never Long Gone - The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story
In 1971, two young musicians from Missoula, Montana, took a trip in a van and began a journey that continues to this day. Against the backdrop of cultural change that swept the nation, a group of Montanans with talent, big dreams and a tremendous sense of fun explored a sound that defied category and captivated audiences at home and across the country. Sharing stories about working alongside musical greats like Bonnie Raitt and Charlie Daniels, playing to crowds that numbered in the tens of thousands, and surviving long years on the road, Never Long Gone offers an intimate portrait of a journey full of hope, loss and perseverance. With never before seen archival footage, national television performances and scenes from recent reunion concerts, this documentary tells the story of a musical family that embodied the magic of an era and remains as a centerpiece of Montana's musical tradition. 
Monday, 12/08 at 6:59pm, Wednesday, 12/10 at 1:00am, Saturday, 12/13 at 10:00pm

Love Is The Journey - The Montana Logging And Ballet Company
Watch the final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company after 37 years of touring. This program was filmed live in Helena, Montana and includes interviews and the history of the group. Monday, 12/08 at 8:30pm, Wednesday, 12/10 at 4:00am

History of Yellowstone #102 “Dudes and Sagebrushers”
This episode spans the period from 1872 to present day and uncovers the early history of camping, hotels, rangers and transportation within the park. The oldest surviving hotel of all the national parks is found in Yellowstone; built in 1890, it still provides comfort to weary travelers. We also reveal the secrets of the Old Faithful Inn and one of the hotels built in Yellowstone that was a mile in circumference. Another hotel was forced out of business with the arrival of the automobile, which transformed Yellowstone from a playground of the rich into the camping mecca for the masses. Rare historic photographs and film show the modern viewer early park history never before seen. Thursday 12/11 at 7:03pm, Saturday, 12/13 at 1:03am

11th & Grant With Eric Funk - Christmas With Philip Aaberg (No. 906) 
Philip Aaberg performs original holiday music and spirited Christmas favorites on 11th & Grant. Pristine silences and melodic expanses paint an audible portrait of the sweeping Montana landscape. Thursday, 12/18 at 7:00pm, Saturday, 12/20 at 11:03pm, Sunday, 12/21 at 10:00am, Monday, 12/22 at 3:00am

Backroads Of Montana - Collecting Memories (No. 123) 
We are introduced to an icon of 1950's television as we profile the high flying exploits of Montana-native Kirby Grant, better known as "Sky King." Next we ride along for a trip to the Schafer Air Field in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, the last private airfield in a wilderness area lovingly tended to each summer by the Montana Pilots Association. Then we meet a woman in Fairfield with an unusually large hankie collection, and a young woman from Missoula whose entrepreneurial dream is an inspiration to those around her. Montana native and host William Marcus also takes viewers on a history tour of the Fort Peck Dam near Glasgow. Saturday, 12/20 at 5:00pm

Montana Ag Live - Getting Ready For Winter (No. 4204) 
Ready to help those crops over the winter? Clain Jones, MSU Extension Soil Fertility Specialist, will entertain questions about fall fertilization programs in both farm and urban settings. Sunday, 12/21 at 11:00am

11th & Grant With Eric Funk - Christmas Favorites (No. 706) 
Featuring traditional and original music, musicians from across Montana return to the studio of 11th & Grant performing their Christmas favorites. Host Eric Funk plays piano alongside Jack Taylor on the acoustic bass and Mike Gillan on the drums as the "house band. " Other performers returning are Jake and Jeni Fleming, Elizabeth Croy and Julie Gosswiller, Kelly Roberti, MJ Williams and Ann Tappan, Don Stone, Jeremy Morton, Kris Klone, Tim Drackert and Julia Yates and Ashly Holland. Thursday, 12/25 at 7:00pm

Backroads Of Montana - Fromberg To Ulm (No. 124) 
Along the Missouri River south of Great Falls we meet a woman who gathers fiber from her family farm animals to make an intriguing variety of products. We stop by a Tea Shop in Anaconda for some cookies and Earl Grey. A naturalist guides us to see some of Montana's diverse butterfly population. We visit all that remains of the town of Gebo: the cemetery, which is being researched and preserved by a woman from Fromberg. And we cool our heels at the Cowboy Bar & Museum in Fromberg, the ideal place for a cold beer and a warm recollection. Saturday, 12/27 at 5:00pm

Montana Ag Live - Symbiosis Of Conservation And Farms Or Ranches (No. 4205) 
Robert Sanders, Ducks Unlimited Manager of Conservation Programs for Montana, and Kent Wasson, Phillips County farmer/rancher, will illustrate how coordinated conservation and farm and ranch programs can be beneficial to both the environment and production agriculture. Sunday, 12/28 at 11:00am

Keepers Of The Land - Three Montana Families & Their Homestead Legacies
The Homestead Act of 1862 remains one of the most significant and enduring events in the westward expansion of the United States. The chance for free land and opportunity proved irresistible to many, and in the following decades, 151,600 homesteads had been claimed in Montana, the most out of any state. Keepers of the Land is about three Montana families still living and working the land their ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago. Sunday, 12/28 at 10:00am          

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