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Distracted: Eyes Off The Road

Distracted: Eyes Off The Road

Airs Thursday, 10/8 at 7pm

This documentary explores the consequences of driving while distracted through the stories of those who have experienced it first-hand.

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3 Miles An Hour
It is the speed of a horse and some folks say the best way to see and savor a life well lived. This is the story of retired back-country outfitter Smoke Elser. His vision of wilderness has always included people. This program takes you into the Bob Marshall wilderness as Elser shares his history, passion and connection to the outdoors.  Airs Thursday, 10/1 at 7pm, Sunday 10/4 at 10am, Monday 10/5 at 4am

Montana Ag Live: Precision Farming (No. 4403) 
MSU agroecologist Bruce Maxwell will look at some amazing advances in precision farming, and the producer development of on-farm research programs.  Airs Sunday, 10/4 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Those Pesky Deer! (No. 4404)  MSU Wildlife specialist Lance McNew will address the interface between man and beast—or woman and vole, as the case may be. 
Airs Sunday, 10/4 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/11 at 11am

Distracted: Eyes Off the Road
We've all seen it, we've all done it, and yet it continues to happen on Montana's roads every day. This documentary explores the consequences of driving while distracted through the stories of those who have experienced it first-hand. Can we put the brakes on this behavior? 
Airs Thursday, 10/8 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/11 at 10am, Monday, 10/12 at 4am

Backroads of Montana: Comin' Round the Mountain (No. 130) 
The 30th episode introduces us to a man who's returned to Glacier National Park to sign on for a new job. We'll watch spring warmth transform a mountain snowpack, trace the history of Chinese immigrants in small-town Montana and more. William Marcus hosts the program from historic Stevensville.  Airs Saturday, 10/10 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: The Latest Farm Bill (No. 4405)  MSU agricultural economist Kate Fuller will explore how the Farm Bill is affecting Montanans today.  Airs Sunday, 10/11 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/18 at 11am

Love is the Journey: The Montana Logging and Ballet Company
Watch the final televised performance of the Montana Logging and Ballet Company after 37 years of touring. This program was filmed live in Helena, Montana and includes interviews and the history of the group. 
Airs Thursday, 10/15 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/18 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Cakes and Cowboys (No. 131) 
This episode of Backroads travels first to Park City, where everyone will tell you that the best angel food for miles around comes from "The Cake Ladies." In Great Falls, we'll visit a special site that honors fallen soldiers and pays tribute to living veterans. We stop in the central Montana town of Winifred to see what may be the world's largest Tonka toy collection. Finally, we visit a working cowboy singer on his ranch south of Wibaux. William Marcus hosts the program from Malta.  Airs Saturday, 10/17 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Drought-Tolerant Spring Wheat (No. 4406)  MSU spring wheat breeder Luther Talbert will discuss grain breeding programs and what adaptations or natural events are changing the needs of today's growers. Airs Sunday, 10/18 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/25 at 11am

Changing Home: Small Town Survival
How do two families adapt to their changing Montana town? As White Sulphur Springs anticipates a new industry arriving, will it fundamentally alter this small town? One high school senior prepares to leave for college and wonders if the town will be the same if she returns. Another family hopes for more opportunities in town to bring their children home. It is a scenario happening in small towns across Montana. 
Airs Thursday, 10/22 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/25 at 10am

Business: Made in Montana #2301
Recycled wood products, fashionable hats for active Montanans, high-tech printers and personal grooming products for beards are the subjects of another student-produced television program featuring Montana-based businesses. This episode introduces viewers to Fang Mountain Wilderness Hardware of Missoula, Wizbang Hats of Missoula, Acuity Design in Missoula and Beard Mountain in Billings. 
Airs Thursday, 10/22 at 7:30pm, Sunday, 10/25 at 10:30am

Backroads of Montana: Reaching Goals (No. 132) 
This edition of Backroads starts at an exciting amateur skijoring event in the Big Hole Valley, then meets up with some senior weight lifters in Ronan, visits an ice cave in the Pryor Mountains, and spends time with two women who have formed a fast friendship through their community work in Lame Deer. William Marcus hosts the program from Fort Missoula.  Airs Saturday, 10/24 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Head for Cover! (No. 4407)  NRCS Area Agronomist for SW Montana Susan Tallman will discuss the status of cover crops, soil health issues and erosion issues in irrigated fields. 
Airs Sunday, 10/25 at 6pm

Never Long Gone: The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story
In 1971, two young musicians from Missoula, Montana, took a trip in a van and began a journey that continues to this day. Against the backdrop of cultural change that swept the nation, a group of Montanans with talent, big dreams and a tremendous sense of fun explored a sound that defied category and captivated audiences at home and across the country.  Airs Thursday, 10/29 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: News, Brews and Views (No. 133) 
We learn the history of Montana breweries at a beer museum in Polson, spend time with the radio voice of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation KGVA, visit Montana's smallest state park and meet a Three Forks man who collects artifacts and stories for his newspaper column. William Marcus hosts the program from the Prairie Winds Cafe in Molt.  Airs Saturday, 10/31 at 5pm

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