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Bard in the Backcountry

Bard in the Backcountry

Watch Monday, May 11 at 8pm

A summer on the road with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks.

Backroads of Montana: Not Forgotten (No. 139) 
Backroads remembers a DeBorgia man who left behind a legacy on film. He went from western Montana lumberjack to improbable filmmaker and, in the process, provided memories to share. It's not possible to share a tasty artifact from Montana's military past in Miles City -- you'll find out why. Did you ever wonder what a cow was thinking? We'll meet a Toston woman who took that a step further and wrote songs about it. Listen in on Judy Williams' entertaining concert and see how her approach to having fun has impacted others. And learn the traditions and family ties that inspire Crow Indian artist Kevin Red Star during visits to his studio in Roberts and family ranch near Pryor. 
Airs Saturday, 5/2 at 5pm

Backroads of Montana: Music and Memories (No. 112) 
The Backroads crew takes us along on visits to the Accordion Festival in Philipsburg, the Ross Cedars in Northwest Montana, a bucking bronco school in Arlee and historic Mann Gulch near Helena. We also meet a grain elevator photographer in Bozeman.  Airs Saturday, 5/16 at 5pm, Sunday, 5/3 at 10:30am

Business: Made in Montana (No. 2201)
On this episode of Business: Made in Montana, we feature Mad Cow Metal Works of Bozeman, Strongwater Mountain Surf Company in Missoula, Montana Hydraulics in Helena, Alpine Urns in Columbia Falls and Rocky Mountain Biologicals in Missoula. Sojin Josephson hosts. 
Airs Sunday, 5/3 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Pesticides and Other Potential Risks (No. 4305) 
MSU entomologist and risk assessment specialist Bob Peterson will discuss the risks associated with mosquitoes, West Nile virus, pesticides, and genetically engineered crops. 
Airs Sunday, 5/3 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Are You Being Bugged? (No. 4306) 
MSU entomologist Dave Weaver will help us understand recent advances in sawfly management and look at insect management in grain storage. 
Airs Sunday, 5/10 at 11am, Sunday, 5/3 at 6pm

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Bridger Creek Boys (No. 302) 
The Bridger Creek Boys are a highly energized Bluegrass/Newgrass band that has been thrilling audiences in concerts and festivals all over Montana and Wyoming. Brace yourself for some up-tempo, exciting music that will feel like something that happened at the end of the long day's journey of the pioneers in the Westward movement. 
Airs Thursday, 5/7 at 7pm, Saturday, 5/9 at 9:51pm, Monday, 5/11 at 2am

Backroads of Montana: Pancakes and Polo (No. 111) 
Get ready for wild rides, wild flowers, and wild stories in this episode of Backroads of Montana. We gape at cowboy polo east of Missoula; walk through a field of wildflowers on Big Hole Pass west of Dillon, listen in at the annual storytellers' conference in Cut Bank, and stop along the way for a bite to eat at Yesterday's Calf-A in Dell. And host William Marcus gives us a tour of the original Governor's Mansion in Helena, built by a businessman in 1888 and residence of governors from 1931 to 1959.
Airs Saturday, 5/9 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: MSU Extension (No. 4307) 
MSU Extension Director Jeff Bader helps us look toward the next 100 years of Extension after recently celebrating their centennial. 
Airs Sunday, 5/10 at 6pm, Sunday, 5/17 at 11am

Fort Peck Dam
Work had just begun, and already it was the largest dam in the world. It provided hope and the prospect of a regular paycheck during the darkest days of the Great Depression. The dam was an engineering feat in a place as harsh and desolate as any on earth. Thousands of men and their families faced unforgiving conditions to build the Fort Peck Dam, a project bold in design, daring in execution and far reaching in its effects. 
Airs Sunday, 5/10 at 10am, Thursday, 5/14 at 7pm, Monday, 5/18 at 4am

Bard in the Backcountry
This program tells the story of Shakespeare in Montana. It's the behind-the-scenes look at a summer of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks -- from first read through to final performance. But it is also the story of professional actors, some veterans and some fresh out of school, who have their lives changed by the people and places of Montana. 
Airs Monday, 5/11 at 8pm, Sunday, 5/17 at 10am, Wednesday, 5/13 at 1am

Montana Ag Live: What Happened to Winter This Year? (No. 4308) 
Greg Pederson, climate scientist with the United States Geological Service in Bozeman, will look at long term weather patterns to determine if Montana is getting warmer. 
Airs Sunday, 5/24 at 11am, Sunday, 5/17 at 6pm

Business: Made in Montana (No. 2202)
On this episode, we feature Meissenburg Designs in Bigfork, Legend Soccer in Whitefish, Caravan Skis in Bozeman, Howard Hill Archery in Hamilton and Everlog Systems in Missoula. 
Airs Monday, 5/18 at 8:30pm, Sunday, 5/31 at 10:30am, Wednesday, 5/20 at 1am

Backroads of Montana: Making Connections (No. 140) 
In this episode, meet Iris Dodge who was inspired to record the vanishing cowboy life in paint and poems. Spend a fun day in Butte at the annual Lineman’s Rodeo where professionals and amateurs show off their skills. In Jefferson City, explore the flowers, plants and trees at Tizer Gardens and Arboretum and then visit Kalispell to meet a vibrant 84-year-old woman who still teaches dance classes. William Marcus hosts the program from the annual Creston Fire Department Auction and Country Fair in northwest Montana. 
Airs Saturday, 5/23 at 5pm, Monday, 5/18 at 8pm, Sunday, 5/31 at 10am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Drum Brothers (No. 1005) 
The Drum Brothers feature a mix of ethnic and contemporary world music. Driving west African rhythms, polyrhythmic dance grooves and authentic vocals make this Missoula group one of a kind in Montana. Four talented multi-instrumentalists comprise Drum Brothers; Matthew Marsolek, Michael Marsolek, Lawrence Duncan, and Colin Ruggiero meld a diverse array of percussion and melody with West African djembe and doun-doun drums, Australian didgeridoo, saxophone and flute, guitar, vocals, and hand percussion. 
Airs Saturday, 5/23 at 9:47pm, Monday, 5/25 at 2am, Thursday, 5/21 at 7pm

Changing Home: Small Town Survival
How do two families adapt to their changing Montana town? As White Sulphur Springs anticipates a new industry arriving, will it fundamentally alter this small town? One high school senior prepares to leave for college and wonders if the town will be the same if she returns. Another family hopes for more opportunities in town to bring their children home. It is a scenario happening in small towns across Montana. 
Airs Thursday, 5/28 at 7pm

Backroads of Montana: Flathead Lake to the Crazy Mountains (No. 113) 
William Marcus introduces us to a Big Timber man who works on a minute level; follow a group of seniors as they beautify a stretch of highway in northwest Montana; hitch a ride on the Orphan Girl Express at the World Museum of Mining in Butte; unwind in Helena with a man who restores wind-up phonographs and storm the castle in White Sulphur Springs. 
Airs Saturday, 5/30 at 5pm

Not Yet Begun to Fight
Retired Marine Colonel Eric Hasting takes five veterans who just returned from war fly-fishing.
Airs Sunday, 5/24 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Spring in Montana - It Must Be Time for Mushrooms! (No. 4109) 
Back by popular demand - okay, the panel ALWAYS wants this one! Kathy Cripps, MSU mycologist, will teach us how not to poison ourselves when grabbing mushrooms we find in the wild. 
Airs Sunday, 5/31 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Climate Change - Real or Perceived? (No. 4309) 
Elizabeth Shanahan, MSU Department of Political Science, will bring viewers up to date on the perception of climate change in the West as well as in Montana. 
Airs Sunday, 5/31 at 6pm

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