Monthly Highlights - June 2017

Business: Made in Montana

This episode features a unique Missoula business that utilizes stay-at-home moms to transform blemished fishing line into take-home treasures; a businessman who reclaims wood and turns it into functional gifts and beautiful household decor; a pair of friends who craft leather into special belts, wallets and more. Another Missoula inventor shows off the revolutionary CO2 bag to help indoor gardening. Finally, we meet Butte residents whose distillery connects the past and the present in their community. Airs Thursday, 6/1 at 7pm

Alien Place: The Fort Missoula Detention Camp 1941-1944

"An Alien Place chronicles the history and experiences of the 1,200 Italian and 1,000 Japanese nationals held at Fort Missoula by the Department of Justice from 1941-1944. As foreign nationals and not US citizens, these men were arrested and sent to Fort Missoula. Japanese internees were subject to loyalty hearings conducted by the Department of Justice. Airs Thursday, 6/1 at 7:30pm, Sunday, 6/4 at 10:30am, Monday, 6/5 at 3:30am

Backroads of Montana: Rockets, Peaks and Poets (No. 129)

We will visit the Big Sky Rocketry Association and watch their launch event near Twin Bridges and then explore a geologic curiosity near Sunburst called "Jerusalem Peaks." We will also profile Dixon poet Victor Charlo. William Marcus hosts the program from the Range Rider's Museum in Miles City. Airs Saturday, 6/3 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: What's Fueling the Pea and Lentil Revolution in Mt (No. 4510)

Perry Miller will help us finish our spring season talking about the boom in pulse crops in Montana. Airs Sunday, 6/4 at 11am

Montana Ag Live: Growth Through Agriculture Program (No. 4709)

Angie Nelson with the Montana Department of Agriculture be here to talk about the Growth Through Agriculture program with provides loans to develop new products and processes in Montana. Airs Sunday, 6/4 at 6pm, Sunday, 6/11 at 11am

Backroads of Montana: A Stone's Throw From Anywhere (No. 143)

On this episode, curlers slide into Havre for the annual bonspiel where we follow a team from the small north central town of Rudyard as they compete in one of the oldest team sports known to man.

Backroads highlights two young rodeo stars-in-the-making from Worden at the Little Britches Rodeo in Laurel. Hot Spring's Troy DeRoche first began playing his Native American flutes as a way to sell them, but his music that has taken him around the world. Along a secondary road, we'll explore the subtleties of "the old fashioned country hello." At the monthly square dance in Plains, Backroads of Montana host William Marcus tries his hand at the do-si-do and dance calling. Airs Sunday, 6/4 at 10am

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Montana's Medical Marijuana law has been the subject of intense controversy and criticism. While the media has covered the social issues well, there has been little discussion about the science. This MontanaPBS documentary reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews with patients, doctors, researchers and skeptics detail the promises and the limitations of medicinal cannabis. Airs Tuesday, 6/6 at 9pm, Thursday, 6/8 at 3am, Sunday, 6/11 at 10am

Backroads of Montana: Comin' Round the Mountain (No. 130)

The 30th episode introduces us to a man who's returned to Glacier National Park to sign on for a new job. We'll watch spring warmth transform a mountain snowpack, trace the history of Chinese immigrants in small-town Montana and more. William Marcus hosts the program from historic Stevensville. Airs Saturday, 6/10 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Bees: the Key to Our Future? (No. 4710)

The buzz in the news is still about bees and Michelle Flenniken, MSU's resident bee expert, will discuss the current state of bees and what Montanans can do to increase the population. Airs Sunday, 6/11 at 6pm, Sunday, 6/18 at 11am

Backroads of Montana: Cakes and Cowboys (No. 131)

This episode of Backroads travels first to Park City, where everyone will tell you that the best angel food for miles around comes from "The Cake Ladies." In Great Falls, we'll visit a special site that honors fallen soldiers and pays tribute to living veterans. We stop in the central Montana town of Winifred to see what may be the world's largest Tonka toy collection. Finally, we visit a working cowboy singer on his ranch south of Wibaux. William Marcus hosts the program from Malta. Airs Saturday, 6/17 at 5pm

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: Craig Hall Quartet (No. 801)

As jazz moved out of the big band era and dance hall and onto the concert stage, quartets became the mainstay of this genre. The sound continues to evolve as the influence of world music braids into American jazz. The Craig Hall Quartet reveals how far jazz guitar has come and where it is going. Airs Thursday, 6/22 at 7pm, Saturday, 6/24 at 9:13pm, Monday, 6/26 at 2:01am

Backroads of Montana: Reaching Goals (No. 132)

This edition of Backroads starts at an exciting amateur skijoring event in the Big Hole Valley, then meets up with some senior weight lifters in Ronan, visits an ice cave in the Pryor Mountains, and spends time with two women who have formed a fast friendship through their community work in Lame Deer. William Marcus hosts the program from Fort Missoula. Airs Saturday, 6/24 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Climate Change in the Ag World (No. 4701)

Kelsey Jencso of the Montana Climate Office and Greg Pederson of the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center will join the panel, along with Luther Talbert and Toby Day, to talk about how climate change is perceived in Montana agriculture. Airs Sunday, 6/25 at 11am

Silencing the Thunder

This program exposes the controversy surrounding the disease brucellosis within the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. Should Yellowstone National Park's bison population be managed with lethal means to reduce the risk of possible disease transmission to cattle? Airs Sunday, 6/25 at 10:30am

Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People and Events:  Jeannette Rankin/Montana's Constitutional Congress (No. 101)

This episode begins with a biographical account of Jeannette Rankin and the political stand she took in opposition to World War I and World War II. The second half of the program includes excerpts from "For This and Future Generations," a documentary about Montana's Constitutional Congress. The excerpts show how ordinary people came together in the 70s to rewrite the state's constitution. Airs Sunday, 6/25 at 10am

Bard in the Backcountry

From first read through to final performance, this program takes a behind-the-scenes look at a summer of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks and tells the story of Shakespeare in Montana. Meet professional actors, some veterans and some fresh out of school, who have their lives changed by the people and places of Montana. Airs Thursday, 6/29 at 7pm

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