Monthly Highlights - October 2017

Montana Ag Live: Nothing is Sure But Death and Taxes! (No. 4803) 
Renowned Montana State University Economist Marcia Goetting will provide information on estate planning for all Montanan's, and especially for Montana's farms and ranches. Airs Sunday, 10/1 at 11am

Voices of Fire
Voices of Fire explores the role wildfires play on the Western landscape. How will the ranchers and the ecosystem rebound from the tragic Soda Fire and what can be done to prevent another Soda Fire in the future? The film uses the Soda Fire as a case study to discuss how to manage and prevent future wildfires in the area. Airs Sunday, 10/1 at 10:30am, Wednesday, 10/4 at 1am

Charles M. Russell Nwr: Nature's Timeless Landscape
The Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge is a sprawling slice of the American West. Located in the heart of Montana's breaks country, the refuge has abundant wildlife species including sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope, elk and over 236 kinds of migratory birds. Stretching more than 125 miles from east to west along the Missouri River, the refuge is not one destination, but many. Airs Sunday, 10/1 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Land Reappraisals Explained (No. 4804) 
Richard Browning with the Montana Department of Revenue will field questions concerning the 2017 Agricultural Land re-appraisal, and look at possible natural disaster property tax relief. Tax questions? Tune in! Airs Sunday, 10/1 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/8 at 11am

Concussion: Answers in the Blood?
Potentially groundbreaking research is taking place in Montana to improve diagnosis and treatment of concussions. Two scientists are attempting to find critical information in human blood. This program gives an inside look at people who suffer a concussion and those who are trying to help them. Airs Thursday, 10/5 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/8 at 10am, Monday, 10/9 at 4am, Wednesday, 10/11 at 12pm, Friday, 10/13 at 5am

Backroads of Montana: Roundup to Nine Mile (No. 114) 
Meet a rural mail carrier in Roundup, a veteran firespotter near Nine Mile and the creator of Glasgow's giant metal animals; then we head out for a look at the Red Sun Labyrinth near Victor and at Native American pictographs and petroglyphs in a canyon near Forest Grove. Airs Saturday, 10/7 at 5pm

Montana Ag Live: Those Pesky Weeds in Public Spaces (No. 4805) 
Joshua Wagoner, Region 4 Fish Wildlife and Parks Maintenance Supervisor, will be here to keep us up-to-date on weed issues along Montana rivers and parks. Airs Sunday, 10/8 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/15 at 11am

4-H: Six Montana Stories
Follow six young Montanans as they learn that 4-H is about having fun--but being responsible about it. It's about refusing to give up on the runt of the litter, staying up all night to bottle feed a sick calf while knowing someday you'll have to say goodbye. It's about knowing where you're headed but never forgetting where you've been. And it's about pledging your head, your heart, your hands, and your health--not for yourself, but to help others. Airs Thursday, 10/12 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/15 at 9:30am, Monday, 10/16 at 3:30am

Backroads of Montana: Medicine Lake to Missoula (No. 115) 
The Backroads crew takes us across the state for stories about a leather artist in Billings, the history of Montana's historical roadside markers, the wildlife refuge at Medicine Lake, historic Fort Union in northeast Montana and an assisted skiing program near Missoula. William Marcus hosts from the historic OTO Ranch in Paradise Valley. Airs Saturday, 10/14 at 5pm

Mary Rose
Explore the life of Mary Rose Moyer. At age 91, she is clinically blind yet perseveres every day through her physical limitations as well as her storied past. Airs Sunday, 10/15 at 12pm

History of Yellowstone “The Discovery” (No. 101)
It took centuries for Euro-Americans to find it. It took almost 70 years to explore it and establish it as a national park.  As we approach the 200th anniversary of the Euro-American's discovery of Yellowstone, many issues remain unresolved. In this program, which covers the years 1807-1886, we'll explore with those early explorers and see sites much the same as they did.  Airs Sunday, 10/22 at 3pm

Montana Ag Live: The Changing Face of Agriculture (No. 4806) 
Co-guests Perry Miller, cropping systems agronomist, and Joe Janzen, ag economist, will join forces to look at the production and marketing issues surrounding Montana's booming pea and lentil production. Learn why Montana's agricultural landscape has changed so dramatically. Airs Sunday, 10/15 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/22 at 11am

11th & Grant with Eric Funk: The Oltrogge Family (No. 504) 
From Absarokee, Montana, the Oltrogge family band performs music made popular by Peter, Paul and Mary. America in the 1960s witnessed a shift toward music that spoke to human consciousness instead of being simple entertainment. Young people through the country bought guitars and learned to play simple chords and sing the songs of Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, the Kingston Trio, and Peter, Paul, & Mary. One of those young Americans was David Oltrogge. Wanting his children to learn and enjoy some of the music of his youth, David taught his son, Luke, and his daughter, Hannah, to sing these songs. Tonight we bring the Oltrogge Family Band to "11th & Grant". Airs Thursday, 10/19 at 7pm, Saturday, 10/21 at 10:05pm

Backroads of Montana: Weather, Feathers and Time (No. 116) 
Meet a longtime National Weather Service observer near Roy, Butte musician John "The Yank" Harrington and an artist from Westby. Then visit a seasonal waterfall near Big Timber and a Northeast Montana town with one parking meter. Finally, tour Fort Benton. Airs Saturday, 10/21 at 5pm

Ridin' for the Brand
This story journals a year in the life and times of three old-time Montana ranching families. Over the past few generations, an ever-changing and growing America has presented new and challenging environmental and economic issues. "Ridin' for the Brand" explores the hardships and the joys of traditional ranching life in Montana and explores looming concerns and issues that may impact our future as consumers. Airs Sunday, 10/22 at 10am

Montana Ag Live: Creatures That Won't Go Away! (No. 4807) 
Lance McNew, a wildlife management researcher in MSU's Animal and Range Science Department, will discuss critter problems and living with wildlife in Montana. Airs Sunday, 10/22 at 6pm, Sunday, 10/29 at 11am

The Rundown with Beth Saboe: The Enemy On Our Shores (No. 211) 
In 2016, one of the most devastating invasive species in the world was detected in a handful of Montana waterbodies for the first time. The evidence of non-native mussel larvae in Tiber and Canyon Ferry reservoirs prompted a statewide emergency response as stakeholders rushed to combat the aquatic enemy. Scientists and lawmakers agree that an infestation of zebra or quagga mussels is the single greatest threat to Montana's lakes and rivers. In this half-hour documentary, News and Public Affairs producer Beth Saboe explores what state and tribal governments are doing to try to stop the invasive species from spreading like wildfire. The program also examines the potential economic and ecological devastation the aquatic pest can cause by fouling boats, docks, beaches and clogging hydroelectric and irrigation pipes. Airs Thursday, 10/26 at 7pm, Sunday, 10/29 at 10am

Badger Creek
Badger Creek is a portrait of Native resilience as seen through a year in the life of three generations of a Blackfeet family living on the rez in Montana. The Mombergs are a loving, sober family who run a successful ranch, live a traditional worldview and are re-learning their language. Airs Thursday, 10/26 at 7:30pm, Sunday, 10/29 at 10:30am

Backroads of Montana: Wheels and Wings (No. 117) 
Take a look at aviary art in Moccasin, develop an appreciation of Montana's first airmail service in Great Falls, visit a local history center and historic bridge near Sidney, see Snake Butte near Ft. Belknap and meet with a wheelwright in Deer Lodge. Airs Saturday, 10/28 at 5pm

History of Yellowstone “Dudes and Sagebrushers” (No. 102)
This episode spans the period from 1872 to present day and uncovers the early history of camping, hotels, rangers and transportation within the park. The oldest surviving hotel of all the national parks is found in Yellowstone; built in 1890, it still provides comfort to weary travelers. We also reveal the secrets of the Old Faithful Inn and one of the hotels built in Yellowstone that was a mile in circumference. Another hotel was forced out of business with the arrival of the automobile, which transformed Yellowstone from a playground of the rich into the camping mecca for the masses. Rare historic photographs and film show the modern viewer early park history never before seen. Airs Sunday, 10/29 at 1pm

History of Yellowstone “A Realm Untamed” (No. 103)
The History of Yellowstone's bears, wolves, and bison are documented. Supplemented with rare historical film and photographs of roadside begging bears and early bison roundups. History of the thermal areas is also explored. Airs Sunday, 10/29 at 2:30pm


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