Montana Jails: Slammed for Solutions

This program shows ways Montana is trying to combat jail overcrowding.

Many of Montana’s 36 jails are overcrowded. According to ACLU Montana, 90% of individuals held in Montana jails were charged with an addiction related offense. This show takes a closer look at how the state is trying to break the pattern of addiction and jail time. A mother with multiple DUIs is serving her time in a lock down treatment facility in Glendive. But other counties are taking a different approach. A man is serving time for his 2 DUIs with a variety of community service in Lake County. A repeat offender out of Lewis and Clark County is sitting in jail, but hopes to get into treatment court. These alternative programs alleviate jail overcrowding, but how effective are they in breaking the pattern of reoffending?

Montana Jails Slammed for Solutions