Job Opportunities

MontanaPBS has staff located at offices at Montana State University in Bozeman and the University of Montana in Missoula. In addition to our full time staff, both organizations occasionally have full-time, part-time, work study and internship opportunities available. 


Current Opportunities at KUSM-TV in Bozeman:
(for more information, call 406-994-3437)

  • Accounting Associate III​: Under the supervision of the Director of Finance, the person in this position will perform accounting and bookkeeping duties in support of the department of KUSM-TV. Duties will include: Initiate and process Banner vendor payment authorizations (BPA’s); route and track documents within the department; reconcile purchase transactions; process travel documents payments, advances, and reimbursements for staff, and students; track departmental payroll; maintain capital and minor equipment inventory records; generate station contracts and payments; compose correspondence; perform data entry; generate reports with which decisions will be made by others; and related duties as assigned. All tasks performed are within well established guidelines and procedures. Learn more and apply. 
    • ​Duties and Responsibilities:
      • Review Invoices and Process Payments by Creating BPAs as well as review for proper Index and account coding.
      • Review and reconcile all travel in-state and out-of-state, process payments, advances to staff or reimbursements to staff and students. Inform employees of new changes or rules to travel.
      • Prepare Personnel and Payroll Forms. Runs payroll reports on a monthly basis and identifies and investigates any discrepancies.
      • Reconciliation of multiple complex departmental indexes on monthly basis, including monthly transactions and general ledger reconciliations.
      • Research errors and prepare expenditure corrections and JD1’s if necessary.
      • Maintain Capital records/spreadsheet, reconcile to MSU property control records and compute depreciation.
      • Update new minor equipment inventory by department, distribute KUSM property tags, record all identifying information on item.
      • Miscellaneous accounting duties as assigned.
      • List any secondary duties assigned to this position:
      • Access system reports and export from Banner and CatBooks to create data that meets specific departmental needs.
      • Assist with budget planning.
      • Assist with annual audit.
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Current Opportunities at KUFM-TV in Missoula:
(for more information, call 406-243-4101)

  • No open positions at this time



If your organization would like to be notified of job opportunities at MontanaPBS stations KUSM-TV or KUFM-TV, please send an e-mail to Eric Hyyppa at KUSM-TV or Linda Talbott at KUFM-TV.

For more information on employment at MSU and UM, you can check both university's current job listings at:

EEO Public File Reports for KUSM 

MontanaPBS and our parent organizations are ADA/EEO/AA employers.

Our annual EEO Public File Reports for KUSM are available online as a PDF, click on the file to download: 
(requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Icon 2016 KUSM EEO (72.4 KB)

EEO Public File Report for KUFM

Our annual EEO Public File Report for KUFM is available online, click on the file to download:
Icon 2016 KUFM EEO (131.1 KB)