Montana Regional Emmy Winners

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Calling it a "big Montana night," filmmakers from Montana's Public Broadcasting system and students from Montana State University and the University of Montana won Emmys in 10 different categories at the Northwest Regional Emmy Awards this week. 

MontanaPBS productions, "Never Long Gone: The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story" and "Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone and Glacier Through Native Eyes," both won two Emmys. MontanaPBS also won Emmys for "A Conversation with Walter," a program about Walter Bruening of Great Falls, one of the world's oldest men at 113, and "Playing for the World: The 1904 Indian Girls Basketball Team," a program about an all-girl basketball team from Fort Shaw. 

MSU filmmakers won Student Emmys as double winners in the entertainment category for "Terra 407: Montana Fare" and "Disturbance." University of Montana students won Emmys in news long form and news short form for "Unspoken: Voices of Suicide in Montana;' and "Lissie's Luv Yums." 

"We’re so proud of the body of work represented here. It’s a nice way to recognize what has been a very busy and productive year for us," said Eric Hyyppa, director and general manager of KUSM/MontanaPBS in Bozeman. 

“MontanaPBS continues to produce high-quality, engaging work,” said William Marcus, general manager of KUFM/MontanaPBS in Missoula. “We are lucky to have such a talented, dedicated group at MontanaPBS - all of whom had something to do with these awards.”

MontanaPBS is a collaborative service of Montana State University and the University of Montana with stations in both Bozeman and Missoula. Montana PBS programs and personnel received 14 nominations. Last year the station won two Emmys in the same competition, both for "Class C: The Only Game in Town." 

Daniel Schmidt, a student in MSU's Science and Natural History Filmmaking graduate program who was one of the members of the team of the Emmy-winning "Terra 407: Montana Fare," received a $2,500 scholarship from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences during the ceremonies. "Montana Fare," which is contemporary food culture in rural Montana and can be viewed on the Terra Website: "Disturbance" explores the complexity of fire management and fire ecology in the Northern Rockies. 

It can also be viewed on the Terra Website: of fire management and fire ecology of the Northern Rockies. "These awards demonstrate the exceptional talent of our students and the success of our collaborative work with MontanaPBS," said Dennis Aig, program head of the MSU MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking. 

Winning UM programs were unique in the topics they tackled, according to Denise Dowling, adviser in the UM School of Journalism "Unspoken" looked at suicide in Montana and has received acclaim from suicide prevention experts and has been used in seminars around the country. "Lissie's Luv Yums," which profiled a woman disabled by fetal alcohol syndrome who is successfully running a small dog biscuit business, aired as part of "Business: Made in Montana" produced annually by students in UM's Radio-Television department. 

Montana Emmy winners and their categories included: 

"Never Long Gone: The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story." MontanaPBS. Winner in Director category: Michael Ballard and Shasta Grenier. Also, winner in editor of a program: Shasta Grenier and Michael Ballard. 

"Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone and Glacier Through Native Eyes." MontanaPBS. Winner in Historic/Cultural-Program Special category: Aaron Pruitt, executive producer; Charles Dye, producer/director; Chris Seifert, executive producer; Drew Jenkins, executive producer. Also, winner in photographer-program: Rick Smith. 

"A Conversation with Walter." Montana PBS. Winner in Interview/Discussion - Program/Special category: Gus Chambers, producer; Kagan Yochim, producer. 

"Playing for the World: The 1904 Indian Girls Basketball Team." MontanaPBS. Winner in Writer- Program category: John Twiggs. 

Montana winners in the Northwest Regional College Student Awards of Excellence were: 

"Unspoken: Voices of Suicide in Montana," UM. Winner in News Long Form category: Breanna Ray, producer; Badria Al-Abdullah, Lindsay Alvestad, Melissa Berry, Samantha Bury, Owen Brown, Amanda Ferrucci, Kelly Hanson, Kris Hanson, Teal Kenny, Rob Norton, Caitlin Mallory, Noel Pederson, Breanna Roy, Liam Scholey, Allyson Weller, Jordan Treece. Denise Dowling and Gita Saedi Kiely, advisers. 

"Lissie's Luv Yums," UM. Winner in News: Short Form category: Ashley Korslien, producer; Buddy Cowart, producer. Denise Dowling, adviser. 

"Terra 407: Montana Fare." MSU School of Film & Photography. Winner, Entertainment category: Jaime Jelenchick Jacobsen, producer; Andy Adkins, series producer; Daniel Schmidt, series producer; Dawson Dunning, cinematographer; Scott Stebbins, music composer. Theo Lipfert, Dennis Aig, Walter Metz and Philip Savoie, advisers. 

"Disturbance." MSU School of Film & Photography. Winner, Entertainment category: Jeremy Roberts, producer/cinematographer. Philip Savoie, adviser. 

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