MontanaPBS Garners 2010 Emmy Nominations

Posted by Sandhya Thangavel on

MontanaPBS, a public broadcasting television station, recently received 14 regional Emmy award nominations. The winners will be announced at the 47th annual Emmy awards banquet, to be held June 5 in Snoqualmie, Wash. 

The MontanaPBS nominations are in promotions, audio, directing, history and culture, public affairs, photography, editing, interviewing, producing and writing. 

Aaron Pruitt, director of programming for MontanaPBS, said the Emmy awards are designed to recognize an individual’s excellence in their area of specialty. 

“MontanaPBS is delighted to provide these talented professionals a place to practice their craft, and ultimately to present their work before a statewide audience,” Pruitt said. 

MontanaPBS is a station licensed to Montana State University and the University of Montana, and nominations come from projects from both campuses.

“These nominations demonstrate the capability of a small PBS station like ours,” said William Marcus, general manager of KUFM/MontanaPBS in Missoula. “We know that Montanans want to see their state on TV, and it’s our mission to make that happen with high quality, engaging programs.” 

The Emmys are given by the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. MontanaPBS has won at least nine previous regional Emmys, including two last year for editing and promotion of “Class C: The Only Game in Town.” Montana PBS is a collaborative service of KUSM at MSU and KUFM at The University of Montana. The statewide television service reaches more than 260,000 households located in nearly 150 communities. 

The 14 nominations from MontanaPBS are listed below and include the name of the entry, person/s nominated and category. 

  • "Friends of Montana: PBS POD Openings," Kyle Sorenson, promotions producer; promotion-program-campaign 
  • "Think Before Doing Something Stupid - Great Falls Police PSA Campaign," Kagan Yochim, executive producer and Tyson Bierwag, producer; community/public service campaign 
  • "Never Long Gone," Gil Stober, audio mixer; audio 
  • "Never Long Gone: The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story," Michael Ballard, director and Shasta Grenier, director; director 
  • "Jammer Joe," Gus Chambers, producer; human interest - feature/segment 
  • "Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone and Glacier through Native Eyes," Aaron Pruitt, executive producer, Charles Dye, producer/director, Chris Seifert, co-executive producer, and Drew Jenkins, co-executive producer; historic/cultural program/special 
  • "A Conversation with Walter," Gus Chambers, producer, and Kagan Yochim, producer; interview/discussion program/special 
  • "Montana Focus: Montana's Pine Beetle Infestation," Scott Sterling, director and Gene Brodeur, producer; Public/current/community affairs – program/special 
  • "Playing for the World," John Twiggs, writer; program 
  • "Montana Focus: Montana's Pine Beetle Infestation," Scott Sterling; photographer- program 
  • "Before There Were Parks: Yellowstone and Glacier through Native Eyes," Rick Smith; photographer-program 
  • "Jammer Joe," Gus Chambers; photographer - program 
  • "Playing for the World," John Twiggs, editor; program 
  • Never Long Gone: The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story," Shasta Grenier and Michael Ballard; editor-program. 
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