Yellowstone in four seasons - buffalo grazing

Yellowstone in Four Seasons

First Aired:  March 13, 2017

Yellowstone National Park has 4 seasons that can change at any time.  Summer is for eating…. Fall is for mating… Winter is for surviving ….and Spring is for re- birth.  

Yellowstone National Park is a living, breathing, magical place that speaks volumes, if only we stop long enough to truly listen. Yellowstone has 4 seasons that can change at any time. Summer is for eating, Fall is for mating, Winter is for surviving and Spring is for re- birth. Regardless of the season in Yellowstone, one thing is for certain. There is plenty to marvel at, to absorb, to take in. But the vast common ground of any visit to Yellowstone is this: Mother Nature has worked millions of years to sculpt this grand treasure, and her finest work is on display for us all to appreciate and enjoy. Yellowstone's splendor lies in its solitude, it's grandness, it's complexity and it's simplicity. And for thousands of years this real life drama has performed the same 4 act play over and over again ......... Yellowstone in Four Seasons.

In 2012 renowned Yellowstone Photographer Tom Murphy agreed to work as a partner with MontanaPBS on a new program Yellowstone in Four Seasons.  The plan was, he would capture Yellowstone National Park as it changes through all 4 seasons.  For over 4 years Murphy wandered through his beloved Yellowstone National Park shooting video instead of stills.   The amazing moving images he captured during that time make up Yellowstone in Four Season.