Wings Over The Wild: Lighthawk In Mesoamerica (No. 201)

First Aired Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sometimes a bird's-eye view makes all the difference. Combining a love of flight with a passion for wild places, a growing number of pilots fly volunteer missions over vibrant and threatened lands. This film introduces you to pilots who devote their time off to fly above the Mesoamerican isthmus with LightHawk, a conservation aviation organization. You're in the co-pilot's seat on a fascinating journey to Costa Rica, where you visit the famed sea turtle jetliner pilot, fly a group of indigenous women over the area where the Costa Rican government has plans to erect what would be Central America's largest dam. With a view from above, the stakes for development at the expense of the natural ecosystem and its inhabitants look even higher. Produced by Kelly Matheson and Dennis Aig.