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Are you interested in Montana programming for your classroom? We've made it easy for you. Just click on your curricular area to explore locally-produced content unique to Montana.

Featured Videos

3 Miles an Hour
(Montana People)
DVD | Watch online
This is the story of retired back-country outfitter Smoke Elser. This program takes you into the Bob Marshall wilderness as Elser shares his history, passion and connection to the outdoors.

Facing the Storm
(Montana History)
By Missoula's High Plains Films is the epic account of our tempestuous relationship with the iconic symbol of wild America. It exposes the underbelly of Yellowstone bison management, and explores the history and future of bison in the Great Plains.

Boom! Behind the Bakken
DVD | Watch online
Because of advanced new technology, a second oil boom has hit Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. This program features those besieged by these new changes as well as those who are capitalizing on the oil boom.

Fort Peck Dam
Watch online
Fort Peck Dam: Taming the Mighty Missouri" considers the history and role of the dam in an age when water is looked upon as the new gold standard.

Keepers of the Land: Three Montana Families & their Homestead Legacies
Watch Online
Keepers of the Land is about three Montana families still living and working the land their ancestors homesteaded more than a century ago. The stories explore connections to the land, and connections to past and future generations.

Rising From the Shadows: The Return of the Cutthroat Trout
DVD | Watch Online
Viewers will meet the scientists, anglers and artists who are making an unprecedented historic attempt to help the Cutthroat rise from the shadows of decline

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