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Montana: The Second Century

Beginning in 1988 and continuing through 1994, this KUSM-TV produced series produced over 70 programs covering social, political, cultural and historical topics all across Montana. A limited selection of these titles is shown here.

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Peace Through Unity-The Custer Battlefield Name Change


Peace Through Unity-The Custer Battlefield Name Change
 (No. 901)
This program explores the reasons for the name change of the Custer Battlefield National Monument to the Little Bighorn National Monument and will include the views of both opponents and proponents. Highlights of the name change ceremony held at the battlefield in 1992 are featured. Among those in attendance are Native American Veterans and Educators, Cheyenne Spiritual Leader Austin Two Moon, members of the Sioux and Cheyenne Tribes, as well as U.S. Parks Service Officials. The video also includes scenes from the U.S. Congressional debate over the name change issue. (First Aired Friday, November 01, 1996)