Montana Summer Symphony

The 1998 and 1999 Montana Summer Symphony concerts were televised live from the campus of Carroll College in Helena, Montana, and were sponsored by the Montana Power Company.

The 2000, 2001 and 2002 Montana Summer Symphony concerts were held on the campus of Carroll College in Helena and televised on MontanaPBS.

Music of Montana Under The Stars (No. 101)

Celebrate the "Music of Montana Under the Stars" with the inaugural Montana Summer Symphony that will bring together more than 120 of the state's top symphony musicians for a concert on the campus of Carroll College in Helena, MT. The outdoor concert, celebrating Montana music and culture, also will feature the conductors of seven participating orchestras, including Uri Barnea, Billings Symphony; Matthew Savory, Bozeman and Butte Symphonies; Gordon Johnson, Great Falls Symphony; Eric Funk, Helena Symphony; John Zoltek, Glacier Orchestra & Chorale, Kalispell; and Joseph Henry, Missoula Symphony. Steve Allen, composer and arranger of Seattle, Washington, will represent Montana Power. (First Aired Saturday, August 08, 1998)

1999 (No. 201)

The region's largest summer symphony concert with 155 musicians and six conductors blending the history and romance of the West. The 2 hour musical program features well-remembered symphonic music, new compositions, and selections from cowboy cinema heroes and traditional hymns. (First Aired Saturday, August 07, 1999)

2000 (No. 100)

Recorded live in August, 2000, this musical event brought together 100 musicians and seven conductors to salute the spirit of Montana. The program blends the history and romance of the West with well-remembered symphonic music, selections from western movies and traditional compositions. And we're treated to a visual feast of Western images and characters from classic and contemporary western films. Produced by Aaron Pruitt for KUSM/Montana PBS, MSU-Bozeman. (First Aired Wednesday, August 11, 2004)

2001: The Prairie, Forests and Mountains Under The Stars (No. 101)

The Montana Summer Symphony is a masterpiece of mountains, forests, plains and starry skies painted by the remarkable talent and artistry of more than 100 musicians and seven conductors. This two-hour program is a celebration of the beauty of music in the West. A new mix of musical selections well-known movie, and classical symphonic music will appeal to audiences of all ages. This heartfelt family event showcases the state's best orchestral musicians while treating viewers to a visual portrayal of Montana's heritage. The music inspires magnificent footage of Montana's landscape, people, history and events and clearly demonstrates that music adds beauty to our lives. (First Aired Saturday, August 18, 2001)

2002 (No. 102)

The 2002 Montana Summer Symphony brought together nearly 100 musicians and seven conductors from all around the state to perform outdoors before a live audience. Highlights: "The Patriot" by John Williams; "Cowboy Rhapsody" by Morton Gould, "Across the Wide Missouri (Shenandoah)," "America the Beautiful." Guest pianist and Montana native Philip Aaberg joined the ensemble in a performance of "High Plains and Westbound" from his Grammy-nominated album, "Live from Montana." (First Aired Sunday, August 25, 2002)