Montana PBS Equal Time

Montana PBS offers free television air-time to political candidates, designed to foster a clear and concise discussion of the issues. In this segment, we ask candidates running for Associate Justice #5 of the Supreme Court, "How would you weigh the tradeoffs between conflicting rights?" (First Aired Sunday, September 7-9, 2012)


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Questions to candidates running for Associate Justice #5 of the Supreme Court: 

  1. "Do you believe that Montana Supreme Court Justices should be elected?" 
  2. "How much deference should be given to the democratic process when deciding to strike down laws passed by the People?" 
  3. "How would you weigh the tradeoffs between conflicting rights?"


Questions to candidates running for Attorney General: 

  1. "When would you decline to defend a law you believe unconstitutional?"
  2. "What are your priorities for non-profits and consumer protection?"
  3. "How do you see conservation playing a role in the Land Board's duty to secure best advantage for the State?" 


Questions to candidates running for Secretary of State: 

  1. "What should be done to polling places more accessible to disabled voters?"
  2. "What's your position with regard to personal ID requirements for voting?" 
  3. "What's your position on same-day voter registration?" 


Questions to candidates running for State Auditor: 

  1. "What role should the Auditor play in disputed insurance claims?"
  2. "What changes in State law would you ask of the Legislature in January?"
  3. "With regard to regulation of the insurance industry, what should the Auditor's responsibilities be at both the state and national level?"


Questions to candidates running for Superintendent of Public Instruction: 

  1. "What's the best balance between Federal requirements and local control of education?" 
  2. "Do you support using student achievement as part of teacher evaluation?" 
  3. "Should Montana develop policies to assure minimum competence for home-schooled students?" 

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