Climate Changing Business (No. 1601)

First Aired Thursday, October 24, 2013

Montana's climate is changing and businesses have to adjust

Montana's climate is changing and businesses have to adjust. This program explores the positive and negative impacts on everything from fishing guides to firefighters to farmers. How are businesses across the state coping with the changes? 

How will Montana’s changing climate impact businesses across the state?  The latest episode ofMontana Journal digs into that question with“Climate Changing Business” airing Thursday, October 24th at 7:30 p.m. on MontanaPBS.

UM School of Journalism students crossed the state to see how rising temperatures might affect a family run Miles City vineyard and how those same warming temperatures influence a Big Timberfarmer growing corn seeds.  They meet aBozeman entrepreneur who found a creative use for beetle killed pine trees and follow Missoulafishing guides who have adjusted their business model to the changing conditions.  They also profile a Bozeman construction company and how their green building practices work with the climate.

This episode of Montana Journal is part of Climate Week, a Montana Public Media series beginning October 20th.  The series features special programming from Montana Public Radio and MontanaPBS, with contributions from UM School of Journalism students.

Climate Changing Business