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An in-depth news and public affairs series hosted by Gene Brodeur which tackles issues across the state relating to politics and government, natural resources, business development, and social changes. Produced by Gene Brodeur and Scott Sterling for MontanaPBS.

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Attack Ads: Doing The Dirty Work
 (No. 203)
The McCain-Feingold law put a stop to so-called "soft money" contributions to political campaigns. But "527" groups, which are independent of the parties, can flood the airwaves with attack ads. Critics say this loophole allows candidates to distance themselves from third party groups while distracting voters from more important campaign issues. We ask, "Yeah, but do they work?" Produced by Gene Brodeur and Scott Sterling for KUSM/MontanaPBS, MSU-Bozeman. (First Aired Thursday, October 14, 2004)