Health Care Insurance: Who Can Afford It? (No. 603)

First Aired Thursday, April 29, 2010

Montana Focus examines the impact that the Tea Party might have in the November election.

Montanans who have health insurance coverage are noticing a steady uptick in their co-pay rates. With or without health care reform, the cost of insurance is expected to continue creeping upward. That's not exactly good news for more than 34 percent of uninsured Montanans under the age of 65. (Families USA 2008 survey) Yet, some small business employers manage to pay the full cost of insurance premiums for their workers. How do they provide medical coverage in a tough economic environment where other Montana entrepreneurs are scrambling to meet payroll? Efforts to provide health care for all continue, but making that coverage affordable is a huge challenge. Montana Focus visits rural and urban Montanans, and medical insurance and hospital administrators, in this examination of the cost of providing health care coverage in a time where a medical emergency can spell financial bankruptcy.

Health Care Insurance: Who Can Afford It?