Methamphetamines: Poor Man's Cocaine, Part 1 (No. 215)

First Aired Thursday, May 12, 2005

In the first installment of this two part series , a recovering meth addict talks about her ten year battle with the drug. Rimrock Foundation Chief Operations Officer Mona Sumner outlines the severe and lasting damage that the drug inflicts upon users. Corrections Director Bill Slaughter describes a shift from state prisons to pre-release centers for those non-violent offenders who are serving time for meth related crimes. Next, Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Walt Williams looks back on the 2005 Session of the Montana Legislature. Finally, Astrophysicist Neil Cornish, Paleontologist Jack Horner, and Theologian Mike Miles teach one of the most popular honors courses ever at Montana State University. Origins examines the roles that evolution, cosmology, and religion play in the universe. Produced for KUSM-MontanaPBS by Gene Brodeur and Scott Sterling, MSU- Bozeman, (406) 994-3437.