Bsl-4: Not In My Back Yard (No. 103)

First Aired Thursday, March 25, 2004

The National Institutes of Health plans to construct a research facility, a BSL-4 lab (for Biosafety Level 4 ). at its Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Mont., where researchers will search for vaccines for such "hot zone" viruses as Lassa and Ebola--hemorrhagic viruses that bioterrorists might use in an attack. Residents of the picturesque southwest Montana town have their doubts about wisdom of creating such a lab. Host Gene Brodeur talks with Laboratory director Marshall Bloom about the proposed addition and his neighbors concerns, and current RML research projects. Then Ravalli Republic managing editor Wayne Adair joins Brodeur for the opinion segment of the show. Note: We d like your opinions of the stories we cover, and your suggestions for future stories. E-mail us at