Montana Ag Live

A regular call-in information program dealing with agricultural and gardening issues in Montana. Presented by MontanaPBS in association with Montana State University Extension, this program invites experts onto the panel to discuss everything from pesticide use, and large-scale agricultural techniques to backyard gardening questions and even which mushroom to pick in the woods.

All Episodes Sorted by First Air Date
Noxious Weed Research () watch online
The Bees' Knees!, Revisited (3/23) watch online
Pain in the Ash? (3/30) watch online
Chat with Glenn Duff (4/6) watch online
Boom! (4/13) watch online
Readin', Writin' and Agriculture! (4/27) watch online
Head 'em Up, Roll 'em Out! (5/4) watch online
Orange Blossom Special! (5/11) watch online
Calling All Wanna-Be Veterinarians! (5/18) watch online
Spring In Montana - It Must Be Time for Mushrooms! (6/1) watch online
Small Farms = High Value? (6/8) watch online
Oil and Gas Leases In Montana (2013) (3/24) watch online
How Are The Students? (4/7) watch online
Critter Chat! (4/14) watch online
The Bees' Knees! (4/21) watch online
Women Take Over Ag Live! (4/28) watch online
Montana Treasures: Can Fish & Ag Coexist? (5/5) watch online
Grain Markets In Montana Today (5/12) watch online
2013 Legislative Impact On Msu (5/19) watch online
Cover Crops for Soil Health (6/2)
A Biochemist Looks at Montana Crops (6/9) watch online
Rangeland Fires (9/15) watch online
Herbicide-Adapted Weeds (9/22) watch online
Rural School Safety II (9/29) watch online
Estate Planning Update 2013 (10/6) watch online
Farm Bill 2013 (10/13) watch online
Climate Change (10/20) watch online
Spring Vaccinations (3/25) watch online
Rural Poverty (4/1) watch online
Know Your Manure: Hidden Pesticide Problems (4/15)
Ag Leases for Energy Exploration (4/22) watch online
Stream Habitat Restoration (4/29) watch online
Certified Seed Potatoes (5/6) watch online
Invasive Pests (5/13) watch online
Pine Beetles Revisited (5/20) watch online
Nitrate Contamination In Water Supplies (6/3) watch online
Future of Farm Subsidies (6/10) watch online
Biological Amendments and Micronutrient Fertilizer (9/9) watch online
Extension's Role In Rural Health (9/23) watch online
Drought Tolerant Wheat (9/30) watch online
Recovering from the 2012 Drought (10/4) watch online
Montana Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance (10/7) watch online
Moving Ahead at Msu Animal & Range Sciences (10/21) watch online
Cash Crops for Montana (3/27) watch online
First Lady Nancy Schweitzer's Classroom Garden (4/3) watch online
Animal Range Science Dept. (4/10)
Community Food Systems & Msu's Outdoor Classroom (4/17)
Oil and Gas Leases (5/1) watch online
The New Farm Bill (2011) (5/8) watch online
Marketing Local Food (5/15) watch online
Mushrooms to Avoid (6/5) watch online
Poisonous Plants and Their Effect On Livestock (6/12) watch online
Bees In Montana (9/25)
Zone 4 Gardening (10/2) watch online
Farm Subsidies (10/9) watch online
Maintaining Healthy Livestock (10/16)
Improving Nutrition In Montana Crops (10/23) watch online
Water Court Issues (10/30) watch online
Using Basic Research In Production Ag (3/28) watch online
Native Pollinators (4/11) watch online
Septic Systems and Ground Water (4/18) watch online
Transferring The Farm to Your Children (4/25) watch online
Public and Private Cooperation to Benefit All (5/2) watch online
Technology for Cereal Grain Producers (5/9) watch online
Corporate Plant Breeding (5/16) watch online
Meet Msu President Cruzado (5/23) watch online
Growing Hops and Grapes In Montana (6/6) watch online
Mushrooms! (6/13) watch online
Mountain Pine Beetle Update (9/19) watch online
Grain Marketing Options (9/26) watch online
The Montana Wheat and Barley Committee (10/3) watch online
Rural School Safety (10/10) watch online
Water Quality (10/17) watch online
Credit and the Economy In Montana (10/24) watch online
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep (1/11)
Extending Montana (1/18)
Soil Fertility (1/25)
New Threats to Montana's Seed Potato Industry (2/1)
County Extension Agents (2/8)
Montana's Growth Through Agriculture Program (2/22)
Space-Age Technologies On Montana Farms (3/22)
Montana's Herbicide Testing Programs (3/29)
The Local Food Economy (4/5)
The New Farm Bill and Montana Agriculture (4/19)
Industry and University Ag Projects (4/19)
Invasive Weeds (4/26)
Mountain Pine Beetle In Urban Areas (5/3)
Vector-Borne Diseases (5/10)
Brucellosis (5/17) watch online
Legislative Actions and Water Rights In Montana (5/31)
Food Preservation with Lynn Paul (6/7)
Wheat In Montana (8/30)
Montana's Potato Industry (9/20)
Nutrition and Winter Health for Horses (9/20) watch online
Loans for Rural Businesses (9/27) watch online
Restoration Issues In Montana (10/4) watch online
Energy Conservation (10/11) watch online
Brucellosis In Montana (10/18) watch online
Stimulus Dollars In Montana (10/25) watch online
Water Rights and Wrongs (11/1) watch online
Bio-Diesel and Ethanol Economics (3/30)
Msu President Gamble On Montana's Economy (4/6)
The New Farm Bill (5/4)
Msu Agriculture Research Centers (6/1)
Bees, Bees and More Bees (9/28)
Mushrooms, Mushrooms and More Mushrooms (10/12)
Environmental Factors In Agriculture (10/19)
New Crops (3/25)
Animal Bio-Terrorism (4/1)
Ethanol & Beef Production (4/15)
Forage In Montana (4/22)
Global Warming and Stream Flows (4/29)
The 2007 Legislative Session In Review (5/6)
Meat and Food Safety (5/13)
Bio-Controls (5/20)
Pet Food Safety (6/3)
Mushrooms! (old) (6/10)
Msu College of Agriculture (Sept 2007) (9/16)
Beef Production & Disease In Montana (10/7)
Transporting Weed Seeds: Danger Or Hype? (10/14)
The Local Producer's Perspective (10/21)
Fire, Drought, and Water In Montana: What's Next? (10/28)
Msu College of Ag Curriculum (11/4)
Ag Education In Rural Montana Schools (3/26)
Food Safety (4/2)
New Forages for Springtime (4/9)
Estate Planning (4/23)
Following The Grain (4/30)
Msu College of Agriculture (5/7)
Carbon Credits and Greenhouse Gasses (5/14)
Mycotoxins In Food Production (5/21)
Mushrooms (6/4)
Season Wrap (6/11)
Omega-3 Supplements (9/17)
End of Spring Wheat In Montana? (9/24)
Water Rights Issues (10/1)
Energy Costs In Agriculture (10/8)
Marketing Strategies for Small Ag Business (10/15)
Governor Schweitzer On Agriculture (10/22)
10th Anniversary Special (3/20)
MSU Plant Diagnostic Facilities (4/3)
Economic Development (4/10)
Moisture Forecast & West Nile Virus (4/17)
Montana Horse Industry (4/24)
Montana's Agricultural Taxes (5/1)
Montana's Bio-Fuel and Bio-Lube Research (5/8)
Agriculture and the 2005 Legislature (5/15)
Livestock Water Quality Issues (5/22)
Water Rights (2005) (6/5)
CAFTA Agreement (9/18)
The Montana Barley Community (9/25)
Montana's Magical Mushrooms (10/2)
Sustainable Agriculture in Montana (10/9)
New Crops In Montana (10/16)
Montana Wheat Around The World (10/23)
Beef Concerns (3/21)
Biological Control of Weeds (3/28)
Bugging Noxious Weeds (4/4)
Crystal Ball for Ag Education (4/18)
Today's Beef Industry In Montana (4/25)
Human/Animal Diseases (5/2)
Changing Trends In Cereal/Grain Production (5/9)
Increasing Property Value with Landscaping (5/16)
Mushrooms In Montana (5/23)
Wildfire Outlook (6/6)
Honey and Honeybee Production In Montana (9/19)
Alfalfa: Fall Care and Its Importance to Montana (9/26)
Non-Traditional Weed Control Methods (10/3)
Montana's Research Centers (10/10)
Montana's West Nile Virus Risk Assessment (10/17)
Garden Invaders (10/24)
Alfalfa As A Cropping System Component (9/14)
MSU's Animal Bio-Science Program (9/21)
Canadian Beef Quarantine (9/28)
West Nile and Hanta Virus Update (10/5)
New Wheat Lines (10/12)
Water Law Update with Judge Loble (10/19)
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