Montana Ag Live

A regular call-in information program dealing with agricultural and gardening issues in Montana. Presented by MontanaPBS in association with Montana State University Extension, this program invites experts onto the panel to discuss everything from pesticide use, and large-scale agricultural techniques to backyard gardening questions and even which mushroom to pick in the woods.

Mushrooms (No. 2509)

First Aired Sunday, June 04, 2006

Are these morels or some mushroom that will stunt my growth and poison my dog? Are the mushrooms in my yard edible? I have heard that some tree mushrooms are edible. Which ones? Is there a book I should buy to help me in my search for safe mushrooms? All these questions, and more, are answered when Cathy Cripps joins the panel for Mushrooms, Mushrooms and More Mushrooms. Produced in spring 2006 by Chris Seifert for KUSM-MontanaPBS, MSU-Bozeman, (406) 994-3437.