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August, 2014
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11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Shuffle Bums   (No. 202 )
The "Shuffle Bums" are a classic 1959-era blues band, who rock the house with well-known and nearly forgotten blues tunes with vocals, harmonica, guitar, stand-up bass, and drums. Based in Livingston and Bozeman, this group performs for their huge following at clubs in the region, and at the Pine Creek Cafe and Chico Hot Springs.
Airs Saturday 8/2 at 9:41pm, repeats Saturday 8/2 at 9:40pm, Monday 8/4 at 3am, Monday 8/4 at 3:30am  

Backroads of Montana    Hook, Line and Singer   (No. 138 )
Backroads meets a western Montana man who has worked hard to improve access to the state's great outdoors. A terrifying highway accident left Chris Clasby a quadriplegic, but it couldn't diminish his passion for hunting and fishing. His spirit comes through as we tag along on a fishing trip on the Missouri River. Next is a tour of Rock City near Valier, a sandstone metropolis of hoodoos carved by Two Medicine River. The show profiles Chontay Standing Rock, a student at Stone Child College on the Rocky Boy Reservation, who has a unique approach to American Indian songs. He adds some English words and a striking stage presence to put his own spin on traditional music. And in Deer Lodge Backroads visits retired rancher, Gene Hensen, whose unlikely collection of home appliances grew from necessity. William Marcus hosts the program from the Fergus County Courthouse in Lewistown.
Airs Saturday 8/2 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Orange Blossom Special!   (No. 4107 )
What? A new threat to wheat? An ugly threat with a very pretty name, Orange Wheat Blossom Midge, is in our sites, and Bob Stougaard will help us understand this pest.
Airs Sunday 8/3 at 11am  

Kicking The Loose Gravel Home: Richard Hugo        
Filmed on location in Montana and Washington State, this 1976 biography of poet and teacher Richard Hugo features readings of some of his most famous poems as well as interviews with his family and friends. Produced by Annick Smith.
Airs Thursday 8/7 at 7pm, repeats Sunday 8/10 at 10am, Monday 8/11 at 4am  

Backroads of Montana    Not Forgotten   (No. 139 )
Backroads remembers a DeBorgia man who left behind a legacy on film. He went from western Montana lumberjack to improbable filmmaker and, in the process, provided memories to share. It's not possible to share a tasty artifact from Montana's military past in Miles City -- you'll find out why. Did you ever wonder what a cow was thinking? We'll meet a Toston woman who took that a step further and wrote songs about it. Listen in on Judy Williams' entertaining concert and see how her approach to having fun has impacted others. And learn the traditions and family ties that inspire Crow Indian artist Kevin Red Star during visits to his studio in Roberts and family ranch near Pryor.
Airs Saturday 8/9 at 5pm, repeats Monday 8/11 at 3:30am  

Montana Ag Live    Calling All Wanna-Be Veterinarians!   (No. 4108 )
Montana State University rallied hard for a pre-vet program, and Becky Mattix will tell us where the program stands and how it's working.
Airs Sunday 8/10 at 11am  

Power Brokers        
It's arguably one of Montana's most tragic stories. It led to the demise of Montana Power, the state's only Fortune 500 Company, and it pushed power prices into the stratosphere. While most know how the experiment in Electricity Deregulation ended, few know how it all began. In this hour-long documentary, Montana PBS investigates the sources of the deregulation movement and the subsequent power crisis. The documentary uncovers surprising relationships and business connections that would eventually cast a shadow over former Governor Marc Racicot and draw Montana Power into a federal investigation.
Airs Tuesday 8/12 at 8pm, repeats Thursday 8/14 at 1am  

Billing Montanans: 2 Family Tax Stories        
Every election year politicians love to talk about taxes, but how much do we really know about where our Montana tax dollars go? Would better information help the conversation? This program follows two Montana families and their property tax and state income tax dollars.
Airs Tuesday 8/12 at 7:30pm, repeats Tuesday 8/19 at 2:30am, Wednesday 8/27 at 1am  

Degrees of Difference        
Can Montanans who disagree about the climate sit down and have a discussion? The phrase "Climate Change" is so polarizing that just uttering it can end a friendship. This program introduces us to three sets of friends across Montana who try to get past the controversy and have a productive conversation.
Airs Tuesday 8/12 at 7pm, repeats Wednesday 8/20 at 1am, Tuesday 8/26 at 2:30am  

Brought to You By ALEC        
They've been around for four decades and are behind some of the most influential and controversial legislation in Montana and the Nation, including Electricity Deregulation, Prison Privatization and Stand Your Ground laws. Despite these high-profile successes, few Americans know anything about the American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC. The group invites legislators from all 50 states to corporate-funded conferences where they sit down with corporate representatives and lobbyists to craft legislation together. Supporters say ALEC is an invaluable networking tool that gives them the opportunity to hear how policy could impact businesses. Critics say it gives corporations unfair access and undue influence over lawmakers. Using extensive research and interviews with both critics and supporters, MontanaPBS examines how ALEC operates, their impact in Statehouses across the United States and critics' claims that ALEC has failed to report millions of dollars spent lobbying.
Airs Tuesday 8/12 at 9pm, repeats Thursday 8/14 at 2am  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Bob Nell   (No. 205 )
"Bob Nell", solo pianist, won the coveted national Dewars Prize for solo jazz piano performance. As a brilliant composer and soloist, Bob brings his tender truths and his stunning virtuosity to the program with a show-stopping performance of original music.
Airs Thursday 8/14 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 8/16 at 9:19pm, Monday 8/18 at 4am  

Backroads of Montana    Pancakes and Polo   (No. 111 )
Get ready for wild rides, wild flowers, and wild stories in this episode. We gape at cowboy polo east of Missoula; walk through a field of wildflowers on Big Hole Pass west of Dillon, listen in at the annual storytellers' conference in Cut Bank, and stop along the way for a bite to eat at Yesterday's Calf-A in Dell. And host William Marcus gives us a tour of the original Governor's Mansion in Helena, built by a businessman in 1888 and residence of governors from 1931 to 1959.
Airs Saturday 8/16 at 5pm  

Montana On My Mind        
Montana on My Mind celebrates the unique beauty and spirit of the lastbest state. Inspired by the best-selling book, "Montana on My Mind", this program combines stunning film with inspiring quotes, music, and commentary by Michael S. Sample. Including magnificent scenery, peopl e, places, and events, this program will leave you with an unforgettable portrait of Montana.
Airs Sunday 8/17 at 7pm, repeats Wednesday 8/27 at 12pm  

Mending The Hoop        
This film tells the story of identity and family and the power of understanding one's own history. It is a story of reunion. Each of us is part of a sacred circle, a segment of the great Hoop of Life.
Airs Sunday 8/17 at 10am  

Montana Ag Live    Spring In Montana - It Must Be Time for Mushrooms!   (No. 4109 )
Back by popular demand - okay, the panel ALWAYS wants this one! Kathy Cripps, MSU mycologist, will teach us how not to poison ourselves when grabbing mushrooms we find in the wild.
Airs Sunday 8/17 at 11am  

Distracted: Eyes Off The Road        
We've all seen it, we've all done it, and yet it continues to happen on Montana's roads every day. This documentary explores the consequences of driving while distracted through the stories of those who have experienced it first hand. Can we put the brakes on this behavior?
Airs Thursday 8/21 at 7pm, repeats Sunday 8/24 at 10am  

Backroads of Montana    Music and Memories   (No. 112 )
The Backroads crew takes us along on visits to the Accordion Festival in Philipsburg, the Ross Cedars in Northwest Montana, a bucking bronco school in Arlee and historic Mann Gulch near Helena. And we get to know a grain elevator photographer in Bozeman.
Airs Saturday 8/23 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Small Farms = High Value?   (No. 4110 )
Are small farms really feasible in Montana? Mac Burgess, MSU's new small farm agronomy expert will be here to talk about the small farm movement and outcomes in Montana.
Airs Sunday 8/24 at 11am  

Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzlies.        
On the night of August 12, 1967, grizzly bears in Glacier National Park killed two young women and severely mauled one man. For everyone involved, it remains an unforgettable night of crisis, intense fear, bravery and, ultimately, grief. This dramatic and tragic story, and how it eventually influenced the fate of the grizzly bear in the continental United States, takes center stage in the historical documentary. Archival material, photographs, re-creations and gripping on-camera interviews with survivors, witnesses, family members, journalists and biologists, provide a complete account of those events. Veteran film and television actor J.K. Simmons (Law and Order, Juno, Up in the Air, The Closer) narrates.
Airs Sunday 8/31 at 4:29pm  

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