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July, 2014
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Great Falls Story    A Tribute to 125 Years    
The Great Falls Story tells the history of everyday life in what was Montana's largest city. Great Falls began as an ambitious dream to make North Central Montana an industrial empire. The dream included parks, buildings, stores and an opera house to rival anywhere. The story is told through hundreds of photos, rare film from nearly a century ago, and first hand stories. It includes accounts from the world's oldest man, Great Falls resident Walter Breuning and "Captain Dynamite," a crowd favorite for blowing himself up at Great Falls ball games. New York and Los Angeles Emmy Award winning network news correspondent Craig Wirth returns home to Great Falls to join longtime Montana broadcaster Norma Ashby to produce this Montana tribute.
Airs Thursday 7/3 at 7pm, repeats Sunday 7/6 at 10am, Monday 7/7 at 3am  

Backroads of Montana    Harlo to Huntley   (No. 134 )
The Backroads crew attends the annual threshing bee in Huntley to visit a simpler era when hay wagons were piled high and steam ruled the prairie. At the Harlo Theatre in Harlowton, students run everything from popcorn sales to projectors, proving there's more to this little theatre than box office returns. In Grass Range, we'll meet a group of folks who come from miles around one Sunday every month for a sense of community and nostalgia - and because they love to dance.
Airs Saturday 7/5 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Chat with Glenn Duff   (No. 4103 )
The MSU College of Agriculture is moving forward. Interim Dean Glenn Duff looks at the creative programs, dynamic opportunities and innovative thinking that's shaping the future.
Airs Sunday 7/6 at 11am  

Montana Journal    Ethnic Flavors   (No. 1602 )
While Montana's population may not be very diverse, its food choices certainly are. This episode shares the stories of five ethnic restaurants around the state. It starts in Bozeman with authentic Iraqi food, then Billings for a taste from India. It continues with Mexican food in Dillon, Thai cuisine in Missoula and a bit of Native American food in St. Ignatius.
Airs Thursday 7/10 at 7:30pm, repeats Sunday 7/13 at 10:30am, Monday 7/14 at 3:30am, Wednesday 7/23 at 1am  

Backroads of Montana    Not Forgotten   (No. 139 )
Backroads remembers a DeBorgia man who left behind a legacy on film. He went from western Montana lumberjack to improbable filmmaker and, in the process, provided memories to share. It's not possible to share a tasty artifact from Montana's military past in Miles City -- you'll find out why. Did you ever wonder what a cow was thinking? We'll meet a Toston woman who took that a step further and wrote songs about it. Listen in on Judy Williams' entertaining concert and see how her approach to having fun has impacted others. And learn the traditions and family ties that inspire Crow Indian artist Kevin Red Star during visits to his studio in Roberts and family ranch near Pryor.
Airs Thursday 7/10 at 7pm, repeats Sunday 7/13 at 10am, Monday 7/14 at 3am, Wednesday 7/16 at 1am  

Backroads of Montana    Coffee Creek to Haugan   (No. 135 )
Travel to the bucolic town of Coffee Creek for a stop at the only business in town, Nemec's Parts and Repair. Then, take off to Montana's western border and the small town of Haugan to visit the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery, one of the oldest U.S. Forest Service nurseries in the West. We'll sample a slice of one of the best pizzas in the world in Bigfork and wind up at the Nevada City Music Hall to listen to the largest public collection of automated music machines in North America. Host William Marcus shares a close-up view of Our Lady of the Rockies high above Butte.
Airs Saturday 7/12 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Boom!   (No. 4104 )
Mark Haggerty, an economic researcher at Headwaters Economics, will examine depressed rural economies, and how the oil and gas boom could help stabilize rural Montana.
Airs Sunday 7/13 at 11am  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Tom Catmull's Radio Static   (No. 902 )
A prominent fixture in the Missoula music scene, Tom Catmull's Radio Static reveals a strong blend of roots, rockabilly, and rock all masterfully braided into a unique sound that is immediately engaging and carries a thought provoking punch. The powerful balance of eminent musicianship and relevant, original stories makes this group stand out amongst their peers. Tom Catmull is joined by veterans John Sporman on bass, and Travis Yost on drums.
Airs Thursday 7/17 at 7pm, repeats Saturday 7/19 at 9:41pm, Monday 7/21 at 3am  

Backroads of Montana    Singing in the Wires   (No. 136 )
The 50 students at bucolic Greenfield School in Fairfield are energetic and bright. One reason for their success is a tasty lunch program. We'll spend a day with Lunch Lady Salley Young as she prepares a special meal that's 100 percent Montana made. In Kalispell, we switch into the world of antique phones, with a man whose collecting began with his career as an installer with the phone company. He's proof that it pays to "keep the old stuff." We'll veer off the road to some of Montana's beautiful lakes and ponds to observe the springtime ritual of birds' courtship dances. And we'll meet a man in Fort Benton whose skill in crafting musical instruments is only surpassed by his generous spirit. William Marcus hosts the program from the Big Horn County Museum in Hardin.
Airs Saturday 7/19 at 5pm  

Montana Ag Live    Readin', Writin' and Agriculture!   (No. 4105 )
Montana Department of Agriculture Agricultural Literacy Specialist Lorri Brenneman discusses programs designed to teach teachers about Montana agriculture, the state's number one industry.
Airs Sunday 7/20 at 11am  

Global Civics Roundtables    Perspectives On China   (No. 104 )
State Representative Liz Bangerter and Montana Chamber membership director Pete Burwell have both visited mainland China recently. They share their observation and experiences at the round table. The program also includes footage about Guangxi, Montana's sister province, and an interview with the Director of the Tibetan Children's Education Fund.
Airs Sunday 7/20 at 10am  

Brought to You By ALEC        
They've been around for four decades and are behind some of the most influential and controversial legislation in Montana and the Nation, including Electricity Deregulation, Prison Privatization and Stand Your Ground laws. Despite these high-profile successes, few Americans know anything about the American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC. The group invites legislators from all 50 states to corporate-funded conferences where they sit down with corporate representatives and lobbyists to craft legislation together. Supporters say ALEC is an invaluable networking tool that gives them the opportunity to hear how policy could impact businesses. Critics say it gives corporations unfair access and undue influence over lawmakers. Using extensive research and interviews with both critics and supporters, MontanaPBS examines how ALEC operates, their impact in Statehouses across the United States and critics' claims that ALEC has failed to report millions of dollars spent lobbying.
Airs Thursday 7/24 at 7pm  

Backroads of Montana    Paintings, Partials and Pies   (No. 137 )
Follow competitors in the cherry pit spitting and cherry pie eating contests at the Flathead Cherry Festival in Polson. Learn the story of Hobson dentist Virgil Stewart who began his practice in 1912 during an era when most rural Montanans could not afford such care. Hike into the Sweet Grass Hills where an unexpected natural wonder rises out of the prairie. And meet an eastern Montana man whose passion for art has literally spread all over the town of Forsyth. William Marcus hosts the program from historical landmarks near Havre and Chinook.
Airs Saturday 7/26 at 5pm  

4-H: Six Montana Stories        
Follow six young Montanans as they learn that 4-H is about having fun--but being responsible about it. It's about refusing to give up on the runt of the litter, staying up all night to bottle feed a sick calf while knowing someday you'll have to say goodbye. It's about knowing where you're headed but never forgetting where you've been. And it's about pledging your head, your heart, your hands, and your health--not for yourself, but to help others.
Airs Sunday 7/27 at 9:30am  

Montana Ag Live    Head 'em Up, Roll 'em Out!   (No. 4106 )
Cattle questions? Darrin Boss will be here to talk about cattle production in Montana.
Airs Sunday 7/27 at 11am  

11th & Grant with Eric Funk    Shuffle Bums   (No. 202 )
The "Shuffle Bums" are a classic 1959-era blues band, who rock the house with well-known and nearly forgotten blues tunes with vocals, harmonica, guitar, stand-up bass, and drums. Based in Livingston and Bozeman, this group performs for their huge following at clubs in the region, and at the Pine Creek Cafe and Chico Hot Springs.
Airs Thursday 7/31 at 7pm  

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