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October, 2013
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Backroads of Montana    Rockets, Peaks and Poets   (No. 129 )
We will visit the Big Sky Rocketry Association and watch their launch event near Twin Bridges and then explore a geologic curiosity near Sunburst called "Jerusalem Peaks." We will also profile Dixon poet Victor Charlo. William Marcus hosts the program from the Range Rider's Museum in Miles City.
Airs Wednesday 10/2 at 1am  

Search for the Origin of Life        
The Search for the Origin of Life takes a personal look at scientists around the United States working with the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) to understand the origin of life. Attempting the seemingly impossible, these researchers want to answer one of humanity's oldest questions - how did life begin? Travel with them to some of our planet Earth's most extreme environments - from the frozen glaciers of the Canadian Arctic, to the inhospitable thermal springs of Yellowstone National Park, and to mysterious caves in Italy.
Airs Wednesday 10/2 at 12pm, repeats Monday 10/14 at 4am  

Gravel in Her Gut and Spit in Her Eye        
Dorothy Johnson was a Western writer ahead of her time. Women saved men, heroes died unwept and unsung, whites lived with Indians and benefited from the experience. Three of her stories were made into films and many critics consider "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" to be the cornerstone of the modern western. This documentary looks back on Dorothy's life, and her place in history.
Airs Thursday 10/3 at 7:30pm, repeats Saturday 10/5 at 4:30pm, Monday 10/7 at 4:30am  

Backroads of Montana    Comin' Round The Mountain   (No. 130 )
The 30th episode introduces us to a man who's returned to Glacier National Park to sign on for a new job. We'll watch spring warmth transform a mountain snowpack, trace the history of Chinese immigrants in small-town Montana and more. William Marcus hosts the program from historic Stevensville.
Airs Saturday 10/5 at 5pm, repeats Wednesday 10/9 at 1am  

4-H: Six Montana Stories        
Follow six young Montanans as they learn that 4-H is about having fun--but being responsible about it. It's about refusing to give up on the runt of the litter, staying up all night to bottle feed a sick calf while knowing someday you'll have to say goodbye. It's about knowing where you're headed but never forgetting where you've been. And it's about pledging your head, your heart, your hands, and your health--not for yourself, but to help others.
Airs Sunday 10/6 at 9:30am  

Montana Ag Live    Estate Planning Update 2013   (No. 4004 )
MSU Ag Economist Joel Schumacher will be on the panel to discuss financial and estate planning for rural Montanans.
Airs Sunday 10/6 at 1am  

Backroads of Montana    Cakes and Cowboys   (No. 131 )
This episode of Backroads travels first to Park City, where everyone will tell you that the best angel food for miles around comes from "The Cake Ladies." In Great Falls, we'll visit a special site that honors fallen soldiers and pays tribute to living veterans. We stop in the central Montana town of Winifred to see what may be the world's largest Tonka toy collection. Finally, we visit a working cowboy singer on his ranch south of Wibaux. William Marcus hosts the program from Malta.
Airs Saturday 10/12 at 5pm  

Global Positioning    Randall Lecocq   (No. 217 )
Randall Lecocq, a recently retired Foreign Service professional shares his expertise on Russia today as well as the former Soviet Union.
Airs Sunday 10/13 at 10:30am  

Backroads of Montana    Reaching Goals   (No. 132 )
This edition of Backroads starts at an exciting amateur skijoring event in the Big Hole Valley, then meets up with some senior weight lifters in Ronan, visits an ice cave in the Pryor Mountains, and spends time with two women who have formed a fast friendship through their community work in Lame Deer. William Marcus hosts the program from Fort Missoula.
Airs Saturday 10/19 at 5pm, repeats Wednesday 10/23 at 1am  

Montana Journal    Home Grown   (No. 1401 )
Most people associate the local food movement with smaller businesses and farmer's markets. Can this concept work on a larger scale? This program examines two Montana local businesses and two Montana public institutions to see how they incorporate local food into their operations.
Airs Saturday 10/19 at 4:30pm  

Glacier Park Remembered        
It is hard to imagine what was more memorable in Glacier Park a century ago: the breath taking scenery, or the adventure. Travel in time with us as we follow the adventures of our counterparts 100 years ago through rare, restored film, museum pictures and historical memorabilia. See how eastern city slickers were lured to North central Montana by a glitzy promotional campaign promoted by the Great Northern Railroad.
Airs Sunday 10/20 at 10am  

Montana Ag Live    Climate Change   (No. 4006 )
Research Ecologist Greg Pederson, with the United States Geological Survey located at the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, will look at climate change and how it may affect agriculture.
Airs Sunday 10/20 at 6pm, repeats Sunday 10/27 at 11am  

Degrees of Difference        
Can Montanans who disagree about the climate sit down and have a discussion? The phrase "Climate Change" is so polarizing that just uttering it can end a friendship. This program introduces us to three sets of friends across Montana who try to get past the controversy and have a productive conversation.
Airs Thursday 10/24 at 7pm, repeats Thursday 10/24 at 12pm, Saturday 10/26 at 4:30pm, Monday 10/28 at 4am  

Montana Journal    Climate Changing Business   (No. 1601 )
Montana's climate is changing and businesses have to adjust. This program explores the positive and negative impacts on everything from fishing guides to firefighters to farmers. How are businesses across the state coping with the changes?
Airs Thursday 10/24 at 12:30pm, repeats Thursday 10/24 at 7:30pm, Sunday 10/27 at 10am, Monday 10/28 at 4:30am  

Backroads of Montana    News, Brews and Views   (No. 133 )
We learn the history of Montana breweries at a beer museum in Polson, spend time with the radio voice of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation KGVA, visit Montana's smallest state park and meet a Three Forks man who collects artifacts and stories for his newspaper column. William Marcus hosts the program from the Prairie Winds Cafe in Molt.
Airs Saturday 10/26 at 5pm  

Global Positioning    Melinda and Ben Reed   (No. 218 )
Newly appointed Director of the Friendship Center in Helena Melinda Reed is a Peace Corps alumnus with experience working with non-governmental organizations on several continents, including Mercy Corps in Uzbekistan. She is joined by her husband, Ben Reed, as they share some of their experience and insights.
Airs Sunday 10/27 at 10:30am  

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