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11th & Grant with Eric Funk
2001 Governor's Arts Awards
2003 Governor's Awards for the Arts
2005 Governor's Awards for the Arts
2008 Governor's Awards for the Arts
34 Miles to Purgatory
3 Miles An Hour
4-H: Six Montana Stories
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Aber Day Kegger Documentary
After The Bell: Inside The Maps Media Institute
Against The Darkness
American Values: American Wilderness
Anaconda: The Legacy
Art of John Buck and Deborah Butterfield, The
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Back from the Brink: Montana's Wildlife Legacy
Backroads of Montana
Backroads of Montana: Music of Backroads
Bard in the Backcountry
Beef Trail
A Pioneering Montana Ski Area
Before There Were Parks
Yellowstone and Glacier Through Native Eyes
Best of the Big Sky
Be Thou Always As A Guest
Beyond The Myths: Growing Up In Montana
Bicycle Corps: America's Black Army on Wheels
Big Push
Billing Montanans: 2 Family Tax Stories
Boom! Behind The Bakken
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
50th Anniversary
Brought to You By ALEC
Building Bridges
Building Bridges: Back to Ireland
Business: Made In Montana
Butte, America
Butte Reborn
The Mining City in the 21st Century
Butte Symphony Orchestra - 50th Anniversary Concert
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Celebrate America Across Montana
Charles M. Russell Nwr
Nature's Timeless Landscape
Charlie's Lake
Christmas at the Cathedral
Helena Symphony & Chorale
Christmas with BACKBURNER - A Jazz Peace
Holiday Favorites from Montana
Class C
Clearing The Smoke
The Science of Cannabis
Confluence: A Duet of Words and Music
Connecting The 406
Conversation with Walter
Copper Opera, A
The Butte Miner's Strike of 1917
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Daly Mansion, The
Welcome to Riverside
Dancing Across The Gap: A Journey of Discovery
Dark Energy
The Clean Coal Controversy
Dear Mom
Degrees of Difference
Devil's Brigade, The: to Helena & Back
Distracted: Eyes Off The Road
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Evelyn Cameron: Pictures from a Worthy Life
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Facing The Storm: Story of the American Bison
Feeding The Problem
Finding Traction
Forced Into "Comfort," Fighting for Apology
Forgetting: Alzheimer's In Montana
For This and Future Generations
Montana's 1972 Constitutional Convention
Fort Peck Dam
From The Mekong to Montana
As Told By Diane Steffan
From The People
Montana's 2012 Ballot Measures
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Glacier Park Remembered
Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzlies.
Global Civics Roundtables
Global Positioning
Going to the Sun
Gold Diggers
Investment Fraud in the Treasure State
Gravel in Her Gut and Spit in Her Eye
Great Falls Story
A Tribute to 125 Years
Growing Up In Japan
Guns in the Big Sky
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Hands On History
Headwaters to a Continent
Montana's Working Watershed Groups
Hidden Fire: The Great Butte Explosion
History of Yellowstone
Homefront: United Or Divided
Home to Montana
Hot Afternoons Have Been In Montana
House Full of Art
The DeWeese Family
How The West Is Fun
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I'll Ride That Horse!
Montana Women Bronc Riders
Independent Lens
Indian Basketball: A Wider Circle
Indian Relay
In His Own Words: Walter's Great Falls
In Murky Waters
The Plight of the Pallid Sturgeon
International Wildlife Film Festival Showcase
Into The Earth: Hard Rocks, Hard Choices

Introducing Positive Psychology
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Jailed for Their Words
When Free Speech Died In Wartime America
Jewels of the Jungle
Jewish America: The Civil War "The Early Years"
John Dahl and Neo-Noir
Joseph Kinsey Howard: A Life Outside The Margins
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Keepers of the Land
Three Montana Families & Their Homestead Legacies
Kicking The Loose Gravel Home: Richard Hugo
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Land Rich
Last Stronghold
The Miles City Bucking Horse Sale
Layers of Time: Preserving Virginia City
Lewis and Clark and Us
Living in the Moment
Locking Horns over The National Bison Range
Love Is The Journey
The Montana Logging and Ballet Company
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Magic Yellowstone
Historic 1920's Motion Picture of Yellowstone
Making a Difference: From Citizen to Citizen Lawmaker
Making Frontier House
Making of the Puzzle Club: Brain Injury Survivors
A Support Group Playwriting Project
Mall and the Night Visitors, The
Maps: Finding Our Voice
Mating for Life
Mending The Hoop
Meth: Dark Cloud Over The Big Sky
Meth: Through The Dark Cloud
Montana Ag Live
Montana Focus
Montana Gambling: Hold It Or Fold It?
Montana Journal
Montana Mosaics: 20th Century People and Events
Montana, My Montana
The University's Century Toward Excellence
Montana Newspaper Association Candidate Debates
Montana On My Mind
Montana PBS Coverage "State of the State Address"
Montana PBS Debate Night
Montana PBS Election Coverage
Montana PBS Equal Time
Montana Power Summer Symphony
Montana Profiles
Montana Summer Symphony
Montana: The Second Century
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Never Long Gone
The Mission Mountain Wood Band Story
No Need for a Saturday Night
Not Yet Begun to Fight
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Odyssey: The Montana Centennial Train, 1964-1965
On Their Records: Tester and Rehberg
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Painting John
Paupers Dream
Paving The Way: The National Park-To-Park Highway
Peace Is A Woman's Job
Playing for the World
1904 Fort Shaw Indian Girls' Basketball Team
Power Brokers
Prairies and Pipelines
Issues In Coal Bed Methane Development
Pretty Eagle
Pride and Perseverance
Settlers in the Upper Missouri River Breaks
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Really, Really Big Floods
Rehberg Vs. Lindeen - The Forgotten Race
Remembering The Columbia Gardens
Rhythms of the Big Sky
Ridin' for the Brand
Rising from the Shadows
The Return of the Cutthroat Trout
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Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce
Search for the Origin of Life
Seasons of the Otter
Settling The Tab On Montana's Alcohol Culture
Seven Nations
Preserving The Past, Preparing The Future
Sex Talk: Our Children, Their Choices
Shadow Casting
The Making of "A River Runs Through It"
Silence & Solitude - Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness
So You Want to Be Governor?
A Deeper Look at Schweitzer and Brown
Step Forward, A
Studio A -- Arts on the Air
Summer on the Stage
Sundancing with the Muse
Heyoka Merrifield's Sacred Art Story
Sun River Homestead
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Testing Times
Montana's Struggle to Leave No Child Behind
Test Pilots of the Body
Three Men, Three Rivers
Trout Grass
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Under The Big Stack
The Great Falls Smelter Remembered
Unspoken: Voices of Suicide In Montana
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Violin Alone
Virginia City
Where History Lives
Voices Carry: Missoula's International Choral Festival
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Who's Watching The Kids?
Why Save A Language?
Wolves In Paradise
Women, War, and Work
Shaping Space for Productivity in the Shipyards
World of K.D. Swan
Early 20th Century Photographer and Conservationis
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Yes to Running! Bill Harley Live
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Photo Credit: Scott Sterling
The Violin Alone

Coming in 2014
The unlikely pairing of a Hungarian born violin virtuoso and a Montana born composer results in a stunning collaboration that pushes the boundary of classical music and our notion of "the possible".
Watch the preview
Photo Credit: Scott Sterling
Gary Spetz's Painting Wild Places! with Watercolors

Fridays at 1pm
Montana artist, Gary Spetz, provides viewers with innovative new painting methods, encouraging them to undertake more complex paintings.  “Beginning painter’s often get hung up on composition and values,” says Spetz. “I teach a method where key shapes are isolated, at the start of the painting, with a liquid masking material—which greatly simplifies the watercolor painting process. It enables a painter to focus, more incrementally, on smaller segments of the painting—making the process more palatable.”  more...
Homefront: United or Divided

WWII in Montana: Four Portraits
At the start of WWII, different shades of nationalism lead to divergent views on entering foreign warfare. This program explores the different ideas of patriotism through the eyes of four Montanans. Join a conscientious objector who tells of his decision to opt for civilian public service in Missoula over armed combat and hear from a Butte miner who was required to keep working in the mines during the war. Learn what it was like for a Bozeman high school student to interview families of servicemen killed in battle and find out what a Crow veteran took with him to foreign battlefields. Discover how these four individual's perceptions evolved as the war raged on and whether life in Montana would ever be the same. (more...)
For This & Future Generations

Montana's 1972 Constitutional Convention
In midwinter 1972, 100 grass-roots delegates gathered in Helena to rewrite the century-old state constitution. In less than two months they produced a document that would affect the lives of generations of Montanans. Constitutional scholars rank our constitution among the nation's finest.
Photo: MT Historical Society
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