Two hundred years after Lewis and Clark, many of their attitudes and ideas continue to shape the way Americans look at their land and resources.  But it may be time for a change.  "Lewis and Clark and US" brings together Native Americans, resource manager

Lewis And Clark And Us

First Aired Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two hundred years after Lewis and Clark explored the west, many of their assumptions and attitudes continue to shape the way Americans think about land and natural resources. This film looks at some people who know and love the land -- Native Americans, scientists, scholars and "regular folks," and explores the ideas and ideals of America's frontier as they are today. Produced by George Sibley, Gale Force Films. 


When Lewis and Clark looked into the foggy mysteries of the virgin west, they projected a future based on expansion and exploitation of America's abundant resources. Two hundred years later, that future is our present. In "Lewis and Clark and US", filmmaker George Sibley travels the dream of endless possibilities and what it has done to America today.


Historians have spent a lot of time reconstructing what the Lewis and Clark expedition did, but what the explorers and their contemporaries thought has arguably had even greater impact on Twenty-first Century America. "Lewis and Clark and US" considers that other legacy -- and how it continues to shape the problems and promise of America.

Lewis And Clark And Us