Dudes and Sagebrushers (No. 102)

First Aired Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Emmy Award-winning History of Yellowstone series continues. In this double volume episode, spanning the period from 1872 to present day, we uncover the early history of camping, hotels, rangers and transportation within the park. The oldest surviving hotel of all the national parks is found in Yellowstone; built in 1890, it still provides comfort to weary travelers. We also reveal the secrets of the Old Faithful Inn and one of the hotels built in Yellowstone that was a mile in circumference. Another hotel was forced out of business with the arrival of the automobile, which transformed Yellowstone from a playground of the rich into the camping mecca for the masses. Rare historic photographs and film show the modern viewer early park history never before seen. 

Dudes and Sagebrushers