Nikki, pictured here at 8 years old, grew up skiing and running in Vermont’s Green Mountains

Finding Traction

Coming in 2015

Finding Traction presents the story of ultra runner Nikki Kimball

About the film

FINDING TRACTION tells the inspirational story of ultra marathon runner Nikki Kimball's quest to become the fastest person in history to run 273 miles on Vermont's Long Trail. What drives her to attempt such an incredible feat? FINDING TRACTION will follow Nikki's journey from its beginning--training and racing in the Rocky mountains near her home in Montana--to her actual record attempt through Vermont's beautiful and brutal Green Mountains. 

Breaking the Long Trail record is a jewel among ultra runners. From France to Brazil, Nikki’s traveled the world competing as a member of the United States 100k and Mountain Running Teams. She’s won the Western States 100 Mile three times. Her race resume puts her among the greatest distance runners of our generation. But the Long Trail breaks runners. Viewers will discover how Nikki survives this incredible ordeal, in her quest to push the limits of what we dare to imagine is possible both physically and psychologically. 

Throughout the film, Nikki's crew and support team, headed by lead pacers Jenny Pierce and Dennis Ball, will provide a behind-the-scenes look into Nikki's Long Trail expedition. Interviews with the world's leading evolutionary biologists, including Bernd Heinrich, author of Why We Run, shed light on the science and psychology behind Nikki's incredible undertaking. For Nikki, this well-publicized run on America's oldest hiking trail is more than a chance to inspire people to be active and spend time outdoors, it's her way of encouraging women and girls to take an equal place for themselves in professional sports.

FINDING TRACTION will utilize a mix of Steadicam, DSLR, POV, and high definition cameras to give this film a riveting, exciting aesthetic of Nikki’s inspiring adventure. In addition to providing an inside look into the journey of an elite athlete, FINDING TRACTION will give viewers a new perspective on the endurance of the human body and spirit, and informing us all us, regardless of our sex, of our true potential and inspiring us to reach it.


Finding Traction

Production Team

Fours Five Productions is a partnership specifically formed for this production uniting the producing, directing, editing and cinematography talents of Emmy-award winning filmmakers Jaime Jacobsen, Emmy award-winner for MONTANA FARE, which aired on MontanaPBS in 2009, and Charles Dye and Rick Smith, Emmy award-winners for the 2009 MontanaPBS film BEFORE THERE WERE PARKS: YELLOWSTONE AND GLACIER THROUGH NATIVE EYES.

Film credits

Executive Producer
Aaron Pruitt
Producer & Director
Jaime Jacobsen
Charles Dye
Rick Smith
Humanities Advisor
Don Demetriades
Science Advisor
Bernd Heinrich


Jaime Jacobsen
The Long Trail Producer & Project Director 
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