Florence Carlton HS (Emily Hackethorn)

Celebrate America Across Montana

Tim Janis with State High School Choirs (2010) (No. 201)

First Aired Tuesday, March 08, 2011

High school choirs from throughout Montana will perform with Tim Janis and his ensemble in this special program, created by Janis to spotlight our nation's youth, and to pull communities together in a celebration of music that uplifts and inspires. The program was taped in November, 2010, at the KUSM-MontanaPBS studio in Bozeman. School buses rolled across the state from communities including Belgrade, Big Timber, Billings, Corvallis, Florence, Frenchtown, Gardiner, Hamilton, Laurel, Lewistown, Livingston, and Stevensville bringing together hundreds of students from Montana high school music programs. Arriving well-prepared and very professional, each choir came into the studio to record their performance for the broadcast. Tim Janis, familiar to public broadcasting audiences from programs such as An Enchanted Evening, Beautiful America, and Coastal America, is well known for his "Music with a Mission" philosophy, and has worked on many other philanthropic projects. "I believe the fabric of our nation is the strength found in our local communities. We need to stay connected and committed with a spirit of serving one another to the best of our abilities," Janis said. "Not only does Celebrate America give our youth a life-changing opportunity, but it also helps teach children the importance of contributing to community through the arts." 

Tim Janis with State High School Choirs (2010)