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Located in PowerSmoot Honey Company is the home of Montana's Best Honey. The honey is produced just east of the Rocky Mountain Front in North Central Montana. The primary floral sources are yellow sweet clover and alfalfa. The honey produced from these plants is water white, which is the finest grade of honey. Smoot Honey is an all-natural product of Montana, USA. Every drop of honey is packed and produced locally. The honey is packed using minimal heat and is filtered to remove only bits of wax and the occasional bee part, leaving pure, raw, natural Montana honey. The Company produces around 600,000 pounds of honey per year on average. 

Art Castings of Montana, in Belgrade, is a fine art bronze foundry that casts pieces of art ranging in size from small to monumental. Operating as a full-service foundry, Art Castings’ services include mold making, lost wax casting, patinas, wood and marble basing, photography and shipping.

Their mission is to provide artists with the utmost in quality and craftsmanship, recreating their original pieces of art in bronze, all in a professional atmosphere. Art Castings is proud to work with some of the most prominent bronze artists in the world today, most recently with artist from the U.S. and Canada.

Yellowstone Agate Jewelry is based in Livingston, on the banks of the Yellowstone River. Yellowstone specializes in hand made jewelry crafted from local stones. Their primary stone is the Montana AgateMontana Agate is often referred to as “picture agate” due to the unique mineral patterns and inclusions in the stone. This colorful agate is found only in the drainages of the Yellowstone River and has been named a state gemstone in Montana. They also create jewelry using many other local stones and enjoy working on your custom orders.

In 1996, Montana-native Spencer Williams, purchased West Paw Design, a small pet toy company in Livingston, Montana. Growing up on a ranch in eastern Montana, animals had a special place in his heart - especially stray dogs and cats. So, with five full-time employees, and an impressive team of home-sewers, the team set out to make the world's safest and highest quality dog and cat toys. Instead of outsourcing manufacturing, which was the trend in the 90’s, Spencer decided to invest in local talent and built a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly manufacturing facility in Bozeman, Montana (where they still operate from today). In 2016, Forbes magazine named West Paw "One of the Best Small Companies" in America. They became Montana's first Benefit Corporation and the first pet product company to become a Certified B Corp. West Paw has also been recognized as the "Best Place to Work in Montana". To quote Spencer, “Pets add so much joy to people’s lives and one of our values is to give back to them with great products. Being in Montana, and working with an amazing team of people, is not a bad way to spend my days.”

In 2007 in Missoula, future Zombie Tools founders Maxon McCarter, Joey Arbour and Chris Lombardi hit upon the notion of combining the young, emerging “zombie apocalypse” mythos with their emerging aspirations as blade makers. At the time, most people thought the idea was pretty stupid. Time has proven them right in the worst possible way. Since 2007, Zombie Tools has grown to 10 folks working full time making and shipping a couple thousand blades into the world, from Alaska to Alabama, Tromsø (Norway) to Tasmania. The aim is to become the best blade makers possible. Their blades are unique, burly, fully functional, and durable. AND affordable. To achieve this balance, they use a mix of technology and traditional methods, and slather it all in their own special, sticky, and slightly evil sauce. As long as you want them, they’ll keep producing them.

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