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Backroads of Montana - Pressroom 

Collecting Memories (No. 123)

Promotional Images (click on image to download high resolution copy).

File name:  kirby_grant.jpg
Caption:  Kirby Grant (Butte native who played Sky King).
Credit:  Montana Historical Society

File name: sky_king_and_horse.jpg
Caption:  Sky King and Yellow Fury.
Credit:   Universal Pictures

File name:  Terese_Blanding.jpg
Caption:  Terese Blanding of Fairfield, MT..
Credit:  William Marcus

File name:  Handkerchiefs.jpg
Caption:  Handkerchiefs from Terese Blanding's handkerchief collection.
Credit:  William Marcus

File name:  handkerchief_graphic.jpg
Caption:  A handkerchief from Terese Blanding's handkerchief collection.
Credit:  William Marcus

File Name:  plane.jpg
Caption:  Pilot Russ Read and his dog, Lucy, packing up to leave Schafer Meadows in the Great Bear Wilderness. 
Photo: Kathy Woodford

File Name: katie2.jpg
Caption: In Missoula, Katie Rolf sells all-natural dog biscuits at her business, Katie's Kookies.
Photo: John Twiggs

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